Monday, April 28, 2014

Acting upon promptings we receive!

Hey everyone!! This week has been another busy but great week! :) Monday we went around and just met with some different members. So it was a good night. 

Tuesday we met with one of our new investigators named Courtney. We may be handing her off to the sister missionaries. But we taught the restoration to her. She seemed to understand it really well. She was able to answer almost all of the questions that we asked to her. Later on that day we were also planning on meeting with one of our investigators named Andralia, but she had to reschedule. So we went to check in on the youth that night to see if they brought any friends that were not of our faith. But then we just ended the day street contacting. 

We had some great opportunities street contacting, we started out at the waterway and talked with a guy named John. He seemed willing to listen, but not very interested in learning more. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. 

But a cool miracle we saw came that night! So we were done walking around the waterway at around 8:35, and so we went over to market street and pulled up at about 8:45. We said a prayer before we went out, and I said in my prayer, "Heavenly Father we have the faith to teach one  more lesson in these next 15 min, so please place someone in our path and we will talk to them." Well we did one loop around market street and it was getting close to nine, and my companion wanted to just head back to the car so we would be to our apartment at nine. I told him we will do at least one more lap around. 

We said hi to a guy standing out in front of a Starbucks and we passed by him. And we took like 4 steps passed him and I had the thought to turn back and talk to him, but before that thought was even finished I found myself stopping and turning so fast to go back and talk to him. I don't think my body has ever acted upon a prompting so fast in my life! But I asked him if he would be willing to listen to a message about Jesus Christ. And he said that he would love to. 

So we started teaching him, and his friends came up. And we had a good discussion on priesthood authority! They talked a lot about different passages of the bible, and I also felt blessed because the Holy Ghost was able to bring things to my mind of what to say.  They seemed like there were interested, so hopefully we will get back in contact with them. 

But we can see that as we take the time and we put our faith in the hands of our Heavenly father he will show us miracles! I know that because we stayed just a little bit longer we met this guy and his friends! So we  will see what happens with them! I am so grateful for the tender mercies that we receive! Our Father in Heaven truly does watch out for us! 

Thursday we just did our weekly planning, and then went and visited with some different members. And then we were out just trying to get people to talk to. 

Friday. Elder Neville and I went to Spring District's  district meeting. We have been going around and just making sure all of the training has been getting all the way down to the missionaries! And so it was a great meeting and we just talked a lot about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion. And we went through some many scripture references, but I loved going through them. We know that the main role of the Holy Ghost is to testify of truth. And we can feel that through the feelings of peace, joy, and happiness. We also know that once we are baptized we can have the Holy Ghost continue to teach us, and bring things to our remembrance. The Holy Ghost will prompt us to do things and as we follow these promptings we will be able to help bless the lives of those around us.  So even as we go through hard times we can remember the love of our Father in Heaven, and continue moving forward on the path of discipleship. 

 After district meeting Elder Neville and I went out and wanted to try and find some new investigators for the missionaries in that area. So we went and we were using the gps to find parks and ponds in the area to go and walk around. And we were over by the church, and we were driving through a neighborhood, and we thought about turning around and I just had the through to go left into a neighborhood, and we ended up knocking the street we turned onto. And For like the first 10 houses no one answered or they were not interested. But then we said we would keep going. 

So we knocked some more houses and one of them opened up, and I invited them to learn more, and then felt prompted to just go right into teaching before they really had time to finish the answer. And they started to ask us questions about the things we were teaching. We used the pictures in the front of copies of the Book of Mormon, and we taught about it. This was a catholic family that we were talking to, and they wanted to learn more about what we were teaching, so we handed that referral off to the sisters who were in that area. Again we see as we put faith in our Heavenly Father and listen to promptings he will guide us to those who are prepared! And now it is our role to keep following up with them to help them progress. 

We just went around and tried to talk with different members, and Saturday night our ward did a talent show and invited there friends who are not of our faith. And it was a great night! And Austin was there! That was the first time I had seen him in quite a while! After he was baptized he dropped off of the radar for a little while, but to see him again was great! He seems to be doing well, and I think he will be attending the singles ward. 

And then Sunday Morning we had a great stake correlation meeting, and I feel that me and Elder Neville have been working hard to help the zone. And I think we really have gained the full trust of the stake presidency! I always love going stake correlation! They are so sincere about making sure the needs of the members and recent converts and investigators are met! 

It really has been a great week! But I have been able to continue to read through the Book of Mormon! I am trying to get that finished by the end of June. But I have been learning so much as I have looked for how I can use the enabling and strengthening power of the atonement. Time and time again we see how obedience to Gods commandments, faith, and prayer, all play into using the enabling power of the atonement. Those are only some of the ways we can use it! 

I am so grateful for how much my testimony has grown of the atonement since I have started this challenge! I would again invite all y'all to do this same thing! You will see great blessings come from it, and I can  promise that to you because I have seen that so much more in my missionary work. I do not hesitate to go and to talk to people about the gospel. I feel like I am acting quicker on promptings, and I feel that I am really desiring the salvation of others souls as I go out! It is such a great blessing! I know that it will help us all as we do it!  

I hope all y'all have a wonderful week!
Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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