Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Interviews are over!! And Transfers and just beginning! :)

From October 20th (we had problems with the blog)

Hey everyone!
   It has been a long and adventurous week! We have finally completed all the interviews this last week. And we had some of our biggest groups that we went and did trainings with this week. So that is nice that we are able to have that done just in time to get transfers going. So the majority of our week was just interviews and doing transfers. Monday night we had a great little adventure though.

  So around 11:30 we got a call from our mission President. And he said that church travel had called him and there were 8 missionaries that were stuck in the Houston Airport. So we drove over to the mission office to hook up the transfer van and trailer and around midnight we were on the road. President called us again and mentioned that they were in the C Terminal. And he gave us the number for the missionaries that were there. 

Well we pulled up to the arrivals at terminal C. So we were getting ready to go in, but then we realized that one of us would have to stay with the van so it wouldn't get towed. So because Elder HIllebrant was driving he volunteered to stay with the van. So we have two phones so we would still be able to talk to each other if needed. So I went into the airport and went to the gates where we were told they were. I was looking for about 10 min in terminal C and then asked if that is where they were and they originally said yes. And they tried to describe where they were again to me. And I asked them to check the terminal one more time and they did and found out that they were in terminal B. 

So I ran back out to the van and we headed over to terminal B. I went inside and started looking around for them. I called them again because I still couldn't find them. And I asked them if they had come out from the gates. And they said they hadn't. So I tried to guide them over the phone how to guide them towards where I was. And after a little while they made there way out of the gate and found where I was. They were a  great group of missionaries. There flight had been canceled and they had been in the Houston Airport all day. They were on there way to one of the missions in Mexico. 

  So we took them back to our apartment for the night. We got home around 1:20 am and we were told by our mission president that we needed to get them back to the airport by 530. So they got a couple of hours of sleep before we took them back to the airport. We got them to the right terminal and helped them get checked in. We said our goodbyes and sent them off again. 

It was a fun but crazy experience. They handled it very well. They tried to talk with a bunch of different and were able to hand out some copies of the Book of Mormon. So after we had dropped them off we went over to the mission Presidents home around 615 am to carpool with him out to Katy Texas. So it was a night with not a lot of sleep. But we were just glad that we were able to help these missionaries out. 

So also this week we finished up the transfer assignments in preparation for transfers this next week. So my companion Elder Hillebrant will be transferred up to a YSA Ward in Huntsville. And my new companions name will be Elder Halterman. The name may sound familiar to some. We were in the same dorm at the MTC and we were in the same district. So we came out at the same time from the MTC. So I will be picking him up tomorrow. So I am excited, it will be good! I  will miss Elder Hillebrant, but I know he is need up in the area where he is going. 

To finish off the week we had another mission presidents fireside. It was just another incredible night. The spirit was very strong. We had a lot of missionaries bring investigators and members to the fireside. It has been so fun to be able to participate in these firesides. I think they are really making a difference. So overall it was just a great Sunday. It was interesting though because our ward didn't actually meet yesterday. The YSA had a conference downtown it an area 70. And so it was just barley out of our mission so we weren't able to go. So we decided to just go to a couple of different family wards. So we ended up going about 3 sacrament meetings yesterday. 

Now the reason for this is because in this last set of trainings we really discussed about how we can become effective ward and branch builders. So we trained on how to work with the wards. We talked a lot about how before sacrament meetings needs to be our prime time to greet the members and try to get to know them better. So we went to observe and follow up on a couple of different wards on how they were doing with working with the members. And it was good because we were able to  give some feed back. So overall it has been another fantastic week to be apart of the Texas Houston Mission! 

I am so grateful for the chance that I have to be a missionary here! And I know that this work that we are involved with is a great and important work. We are able to help bring others unto Christ and help them to see what they potential can be. It is such a blessing to be able to do! I would just invite you to keep praying for the missionaries in your areas, and pray for missionary opportunities. God will give them to you if you ask and it will bless you and your families abundantly! 

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 
Elder Joshua V. Christensen

Here are some different photos from this week. ( The one with the lights was on our way to pick up the missionaries from the airport.) ( And the others is a barbeque.) 

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