Monday, February 16, 2015

Miracles in Tomball!

So we had a great week! I wish I could explain all of it but we are really short on time. But this last week we were able to find 4 new investigators. I will explain some of them real quick. 

One of the new investigators names is Paul, and we met him at a apartment complex in  our area. And we began to just testify and teach about how families can be eternal. We asked him what it would mean to him to know that his family can be together forever even after death. And he grew up Catholic, and so he said it would be incredible and so relieving to be able to know that. 

And so we began to teach him right there about the restoration of Christ's church and the priesthood and how it is through the the priesthood that we can be bound together with are families forever. We referenced Mathew 16 where Christ is teaching Peter and the apostles. And we talked about the keys of the kingdom that Christ would give to Peter was the power to seal and bind families together. And he asked if we could come aback and talk to him more about it! 

Another experience that had was with a former investigator this week. We went a back to teach her and her daughter. We taught them the restoration, and this time around you could tell that some more things clicked with them. About 4 years ago there was another daughter of the mom that was baptized. And she is currently up at BYU. 

At the conclusion of the lesson we talked to them about baptism. And they said that it was something that they wanted to work towards. But if they did continue they would want to be baptized when her daughter Cathy was home form BYU. So we are going back tomorrow to set a date with them for the last week of April or the 1st week of May. 

At church yesterday we also had two non members there that we may begin to teach in these coming weeks. They were both from part member families. And they have come consistently to church for the past few weeks. So we are excited to see what great things happen with them. 

Also this last week we went on exchanges with one of the district leaders. And we had a good exchange with them. They had a good planning session the night before, so they were prompted to go to a certain members home to check on them and see how they were doing. 

And so we knocked on the door and the family came to the door and they had been going through a really hard time. So we were able to go in and teach them about hope and faith in the atonement. By the time we had left they felt alot better and the mom asked me to give her a blessing. And so my companion and a member and I were able to give her a blessing. I am just so grateful for the way we are lead in this work. 

The elders the night previous had a prompting to visit this family and there ward, and then as we went into teach teach the spirit directed the conversation and as well as the blessing. I know that the Lord will continue to guide us! He truly is yesterday today and forever! Because he loves each of his Children he will listen and answer their prayers. I know this to be true with out a shadow of a doubt! 

Well just to close the week we had a zone conference and a mission president fireside! They both were so wonderful! This work is so great and so true!

Please keep praying for missionary opportunities! The Lord is hastening his work! 

Well I hope y'all have a great week! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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