Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 7...The Lord Works Miracles.

This has been a really good week. One of the biggest things I have enjoyed is going to the temple. The Houston Temple is so beautiful. I loved being there so much. When I was done I just wanted to go back in so bad. It is incredible how much the temple can help your day go better. There is such a wonderful spirit that comes from going to the temple. I also got to learn some more about family history. A sister in our ward showed us some stuff about family history, and it made me even more excited to do family history. I want to go and do family history, and take names to the temple.
 Well this week we have been really focusing on finding people to teach. We have dedicated some of our days just to finding. For example, on Weds we prayed like we always do right before we leave the apartment. And we asked our Heavenly Father to put people in our path that we could talk to. With in about 5 minutes of leaving the apartment, we found someone to talk with about the gospel. He wasn't very interested, and he said he didn't have much time. We hope he will still call us, but we will see. We went on and we walked for about another 20 min, and a car pulled over and these people said they would give us a ride. They were a catholic family, and drove us to the park we were going to. We talked to them for just a little bit, and they said we are welcome to come to there house and get water anytime. Well the park they dropped us off at had 3 Hispanic men. We started to talk to them and basically we taught the restoration to them. They were all interested and we gave them Books of Mormon. It was really good, but we handed them off to the Spanish sisters, so they will continue teaching them. We kept walking and we found 2 cars right by each other in the entrance to a golf course. One of the cars wasn't working, so we went over to check on them. We talked with the guys who were in the car, and one seemed very interested. We will be calling him this week, and hopefully we can teach him. So just in that day we came in contact with many people, and 4 who seemed that they were interested in the gospel. That just goes to show that the Lord puts people in our path when we go to him and dedicate out time to finding. He will help put people in our paths. I want to encourage all of you back home again to be open with those around you about the gospel. I know it can be scary, but the Lord really will help each of us to share the thoughts he wants us to share. So keep in mind how you can help someone come closer to Christ this week. 

Later in the week we also were able to meet one other person who was interested in the gospel. We tried to contact him, and he is  just not ready for it yet. We hope he will call us back when does feel ready. He said that he had been to Salt Lake and has seen the temple, and he really did show interest in learning more until we contacted him. Last night we were walking in a park and there is this Asian couple that is always there. We always say hi to them and talk to them a little bit. We decided it was time to talk with them about the gospel. We told them the things we believe in, and the husband said he would want to take a tour of our church, and also he is going to read the Book of Mormon. We are so excited for this. He also says he wants to take us to lunch or dinner this week, so we can talk more. So for this week, we have 3 investigators. We are praying for them and hope they will want to learn more as we teach them. While on exchanges this week, my companion and another missionary that was on exchanges with him found an investigator. I was so excited when I heard about this, and I was so excited to go and teach. Well we went over the next day and the husband answered the door. He told us about how him and his wife( who was the investigator they had found) had been going through some crazy things and wouldn't be able to be taught by us at this time. I was kinda sad when I heard this, but we are going to keep going back to checking on them and try to help them.

One of the coolest experiences we had this week though was, we practice taught a part member less active family. And the spirit was so strong there. We had the stake president and his son with us as we taught them. Alex who is the dad, and non member was listening very intently to what was being taught, and he was asking questions. They had a little daughter that was being a little loud, but I began to recite the first vision to this family and the spirit was so strong there. I didn't see this, but my companion said as soon as I began there little girl was completely quiet and  just looked at me. The spirit has a might effect on people and even kids. We know that Alex felt the spirit, and he is allowing us to come teach again next week. I am so excited for this.

I am sorry that I don't have alot of time to write more this week, but the Lord does prepare people every day to hear this amazing message. I have seen that, and I know he will help us find them. So again I am wanting to challenge all of you to find those to share this gospel with. It is so important to not just take it for granted. We can help someone to feel the same peace we feel. And I know that Heavenly Father will help us! Continue to do family history and temple work and you will be more prepared to share the gospel. 

I love the chance I have to be our here and to serve, and I hope all of you have a great week. Look for those who are prepared to hear the gospel. There are many. 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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