Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 9...Curve Ball

Howdy Y'all
This last week was incredible and I had some unexpected things happen. First off in White Oak we had some really good thins going. We were talking with lots of people. We were beginning to get some more investigators and I was getting so excited. We were on the side of the road and a car pulled over and invited us to his house for some water. Of course we accepted, and we went. They were such a nice family, and we talked about the gospel with them. It was so cool and they really seemed interested in learning more. This happened on Tuesday and me and my companion were so excited! It was great!! That area is so prepared!!

  On Tuesday we also had transfer calls, and I really just expected to stay in my area. If anyone was getting transferred I thought it would be my companion. Well we got back to the apartment on Tuesday night and planned and we were just waiting for the call. We got called about 10:20 and I was just sitting on my bed writing in my Journal, and I heard over the phone, " Tell Elder Christensen to pack his bags, he is leaving." I didn't even know what to think. I was kinda freaking out. My mind raced all night long, and I probably didn't fall sleep until about 2:00. I was sad that I was going to leave this area that I had come to love. We were just beginning to find people and I was so excited. 

Well Weds came we went to some members homes and I said good bye to them. They didn't expect me to be leaving either. At this point I knew that I was leaving, and that night we were waiting on a call from President Pingree to find out if I would be training or not. My companion said that I would be training, because he said he talked to President and I guess he said I was ready to him. So I knew that could be a possibility. Well again late that night the phone rang, and it was President and he was talking with Elder Brown. He asked him to train again, and it sounded like that was all he was calling about so I went into the other room to finish packing my bags. And then I heard him say, "Can I speak to Elder Christensen. I picked up the phone and he said he was sorry he was pulling me out, and I told him I didn't mind. It shocked me but I told him in the beginning and that night that I will serve where the Lord will have me serve. This is His two years. And then the shock came as he asked me this. "Elder Christensen would you be willing to serve as District Leader up in the College Park ward in Spring Stake?"  I was completely thrown off. I expected to train, and he asked me to be a district leader and only after being out for 6 weeks, I was completely humbled!. I told him of course I would serve in that spot, and he told me Weds night that I needed to be prepared to teach the district that Friday Morning. 

Well after another night of not sleeping came transfers. I met my new companion Elder Peterson, and he is a great Elder. He leaves in 5 weeks, so the President said that I need to learn the area asap because he is having me take over and train most likely next transfer. I love serving the Lord, and I knew that I could do it with Him by my side, but it is still crazy how fast that all took place. I was so nervous, and it just took me by surprise because usually a new missionary would be in his first area at least for a little bit. But I am so excited to be able to have this extra opportunity to serve as a District Leader here. I had to throw a lesson together quick for District meeting, but I feel that it went ok. It is amazing how much the spirit can help us when we feel like we are incapable of doing a job. The Lord certainly does qualify those he calls to the work. I know because of him and because of the spirit that District Meeting went well. The spirit is the real teacher, we are the mouth piece, and the spirit really can talk through us. I testify of this. I mean here I am,  an 18 year old teaching missionaries that have been out longer than me, and are older than me. I just hope to work as hard as I can, and I know the Lord will help me.

  This week I began to also meet members of this new ward. They are a great ward just like my last, and I met with the bishop and his wife on Friday. We had the chance to go through the restoration with him, and the spirit was so strong. I love how strong the spirit can be when you recite the first vision, and you testify of the truthfulness of it. On Saturday, we met with a kid named Austin. He is best friends with Greg Prows( who is a member, and also getting ready to serve in the same mission that my brother Elder Ryan Christensen is in). We met and we talked with him and re-taught the restoration. Now the missionaries have been meeting with him the past couple months, but when we taught this last week again the spirit was there. And we ask him, " Austin will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood Authority of God?" And he excepted! He is going to be baptized on Sept 28th!!!!! We had the chance to meet with him again last night, and we will meet with him tonight, and he is loving the lessons, and it is incredible how much he knows. He is so prepared!! This just goes to show that the Lord is always preparing those who are ready for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  Another cool miracle was, we wanted to end the week with 20 lessons. So at the end of Sunday night we were at 19 and we only had one hour before we had to be back to the apartment. We tried to go to one other members home, but they weren't home. So we went to Market street to do some street contacting. Before we left we said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to put someone in our path who we can teach. So we go out and we begin walking, and with in 15-20 min of getting there someone stopped and talked to us. It was a man who use to be a member, and we asked if we could share our favorite scriptures with him. He agreed and we started to share. The scripture I wanted to share was Either 12:27. As soon as I told him what scripture it was he was so happy. He said he loves that scripture and that helped him get through so many hard times. He then had me read it, and he said it almost brought tears to his eyes to hear that scripture. Our Heavenly can prompt us and put people in our path who need a specific message. I know that it is because of him that we were able to talk to that man. I know that the scripture I thought I should share was for that man we talked to. It just all goes back to relying on the Lord and looking for those chances that we have to serve others. It was a great experience. This last week has been spiritually and mentally draining, but the Lord has blessed this area, and I am so excited to continue to move forward and teach people. I know that Heavenly Father wants me to be here in this time, and I am so excited for the chance that I have to be able to be out and serve. 

  Keep looking for opportunities to share the gospel because they are there. Keep doing family history, because it will help you so much, and there are those beyond the veil who are waiting to have temple work done. You can help them so much, and be blessed for doing so.

 I wish you all the best week,
    Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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