Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas Y'all!

   Time is flying by so fast. I can't believe that Christmas is almost here! Well it has been a really good week. We have continued to see some amazing miracles happening at this time of the year. This week we were able to meet with Stephen and Ben a couple of times to teach them and had some great experiences. We got in with alot of families that we have been trying to meet, and we are just seeing the work continue to press forward. We also had an incredible Christmas Zone Conference. 

    So Tuesday I was on exchanges with the zone leader and we had some really good things happen. We were able to get in with alot of  the families and we were able to share some great Christmas messages. But we had a cool experience during our studies. We were both studying about the Book of Mormon because we were preparing to teach one of there investigators. And the study was truly let by the spirit. When we started our companionship study we were talking about the things that we had learned. And we read the exact same things and had the exact same thoughts of order to teach it in and what to talk about. It was truly inspired. So we went to go visit this investigator, but the appt fell through. We joked about preparing that lesson for nothing. 

But we went around visiting some different people that day, but one of the less actives in that ward was trying to get better at reading the Book of Mormon. So we were able to share that inspired lesson with him. And it really helped him. It is amazing to see what happens when you put things in the Lords hands. Even when you think that things fall through, God can lead us to others that need help. 

   Wednesday we went and did some more service at Panther Creek inspirational ranch. That was good and then the rest of that day we just went around trying to meet with different members of the ward. And we were able to see some great things happen. That night we met with Ben and Stephen and we taught them about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We did it a little different then we usually would. We decided to read through 2nd Nephi 31 and point our the doctrine in there. It went really well and they said they understood it. We then committed Ben to be baptized on January 4th with his Brother. He said if he finds and answer then he would. See these blessing that are going on here. That is 4 with a baptismal date in January. The Lord is truly hastening his work. It was really great too because we had a member at the home that connected really well with Ben and Stephen.

Thursday we did our weekly planning and were able to plan for how to help each of our investigators. We really focused on what we could teach that would help them as a person progress. And we really feel that we found ways to help them. We came up with lesson plans and way to teach them. Then that afternoon we went out and again were able to get in with alot of different families and meet other members of the ward that we didn't know as well. And we got in with some of the Less actives that we have never met before. So those were miracles in an of them selves. 

   Friday was when we had an amazing Zone conference. We talked so much about the plan of salvation and the need for our savior Jesus Christ. And then after that they did a Christmas Program with music and with talks about this time of the year. The spirit could be felt so strongly while we were in there.It was just an all around great day to be a missionary. As we all sang the spirit was just so strong. We had over half of the mission there for this zone conference. 

   Saturday we were able to have lunch with a recent convert from another ward that I have come to know really well. He was the one we went and helped at a food drive a couple months ago. He told us that he is now moving to take another CEO position in San Antonio. Well we just started talking and we got on the subject of Schooling, and he asked what my plans were for when I got back into college in a couple of years. I told him originally I thought about majoring in Mechanical Engineering, but now I am thinking more in business and finance. And he like that and said, " Well when you graduate college, give me a call and I will have you come work with me." I know that is a long time away, but it was just a cool thought.  Being able to have a job out of college and being able to come back to Texas. 

Well after this we went to teach Ben and Stephen again. And we were planning on teaching some of the commandments. But we thought we would talk about keeping the Sabbath day holy and follow the prophet and the Word of Wisdom. We started talking, and opened with a prayer. It was like a spiritual roller coaster ride for the first part of the lesson. One minute the spirit was so strong and he next jokes were being said. I was trying to keep pushing through he lesson. Well were talking to Ben about the Word of Wisdom and when we said that it included not drinking tea he was not very happy about it. He wanted to know where it said that in the scriptures. We took him to Doctrine and Covenants 89. When we read the vs. talking about the hot drinks we told him that it meant tea and coffee. 

And he began to say well if got wanted us not to drink coffee and tea he would have put it right in there, and my companion was beginning to get a little frustrated and was beginning to say " Ben we can tell you this all day what it means but you need to pray about it and ask God." Ben then said well if I pray to God and ask and he says I can't then I am drinking it. It was getting a bit contentious, and then I just looked at Ben and started talking. I said something along the lines of... " Ben at the end of the day the Book of Mormon is true or its is not. We ask you to read and pray about it because if you come to the knowledge that it is true, then it means that Joseph Smith did see God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. That means that Joseph Smith was a prophet in these last days and could recie.........." And then he cut me off and said " Fine I have my answer."  my stomach dropped thinking that he was going to want to drop us. But he then said in a hushed tone, while you were speaking I got an answer to my question, and I didn't even pray." He had the still small voice touch his heart. He then told us I will dump out all of my tea and wine. The spirit was so strong and my jaw was just dropped. I couldn't believe what just happened. They tell you alot  that the spirit it the teacher and you are the mouth piece. 

   I again have a stronger testimony of this. I know that God will put words in our mouth that can help someone. I know that the spirit testified to him of the truthfulness of the message. The spirit really teach others. It was such an amazing experience I can't even fully describe the feelings that were felt at this point in the lesson. I know that this gospel is true.I know that Jesus is the Christ and in and through him we can find peace that our Heavenly Father wants us to have. I know that this is true, and I testify of it. 

Well I hope y'all have a very merry Christmas! Remember to look for ways to help others out this Christmas season! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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