Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year

  Well it looks like I will be here at least 6 more weeks, but sadly I am losing my companion. We got calls last night that said he was leaving. It is kind of hard because we have only been with each other 3 months, and so many things were going so well here. But we both know that the Lord has a plan. So tomorrow we will find out how it will all work out. I don't know if I am training or just getting a new companion. Once again I will just have to wait till tomorrow. Well this week had its ups and downs.

Monday we met with Stephen for lunch and he told us that we was absolutely ready for baptism, and we were excited to hear that. And then that night we met with Stephen and Ben, and Ben said he had a feeling of worry and just wanted to wait a little while before he got baptized. But we just talked to them about really studying the scriptures and praying. So we thought we helped them with some of there concerns.

Tuesday we helped our Ward Mission Leader put together a play set for his kids, and he had non members that were present, so that was good. But after we went around and visited with members. We went to a couple different homes that night that had us over for dinner. It was really fun to be able to spend time with those families. Then they did a little nativity as a family and we were able to just listen and feel the spirit. We have some amazing members here in the ward! 

Weds was amazing. We did our studies in the morning and then went out to visit some members and then went to our Ward Mission Leaders home to skype home. And that was like the greatest thing ever. I was so blessed to be able to hear from my older brother. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to talk with him but we got to talk for a little while! And then skyping and seeing my family was really fun! It scared me at first because when I logged on to my skype account my dad was trying to call me with in seconds and it freaked me out cause I wasn't ready! But as I called him back later it was so great to hear his voice and see my family! It was really good and by the time I got done talking with everyone I was ready to just get back to work, and work hard. 

Thursday and Friday were really hard for us. So many members left town and are gone until next week. We were struggling so bad to find people to teach and things to do. It completely slowed the work down. But we will still work hard to stay busy. It was just a little bit discouraging going back and forth from homes trying to find some one who would answer. 

But Friday we had district meeting, and it went all right. But right after district meeting we got a call from Stephen. He told us he wants some more time to investigate. He was reading something that his dad asked him to read, and we were nervous about that. But as of right now we are trying to reschedule baptismal dates with them. Right now we just need to help them overcome their concerns. But I know with the Lord that it is possible. 

Saturday was very similar to the end of the week. We were able to get in with some members that day, but really the majority of our success came that night when we went street contacting at the mall. So that was a blessing to be able to teach some lessons there. 

Sunday was a missionary day, my companion spoke in Church and I helped teach the combine 3rd hour. I talked about setting goals. And just really made me think of why we set goals in our life. We do it because we want to accomplish something. Well then we think well why as a missionary is it important to set inspired goals. I continued thinking, and just thought when we set goals as missionaries and we include the Lord in our planning, the Lord will provide opportunities for us to accomplish those goals. When we include Him, He will help us to achieve them as well as help us to go above and beyond those goals. We just have to ask Him and have a faith as well as hope that we can accomplish them when we rely on Him. 

So with this new year, I would just invite Y'all back home to set goals with the Lord. Goals about missionary work and other spiritual goals that  you may have. I promise you that as you do this you will be able to achieve those goals and that you will be able to be spiritually strengthened. I know that this is true.

I hope y'all have a great week! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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