Monday, May 19, 2014

Another week of miracles in Silver Pines!

Hey everyone!! Things here in Silver Pines are going great!! I am still trying to get use to the area, and learn to get around it better. I feel like over all, I am learning the area really well. I am trying to learn all of the names for the ward members though. So this week has been a good week, but sadly we had a lot of appts fall through on us. But we did see some great miracles happen. 

  The first part of the week we were wanting to go to the other side of our area. And one of my companions didn't have a really good bike, and he fell a couple of different times, and one of the times he bucked the rim of his tire. Well this caused us to walk a little ways to where were were planning to go. Now at first you hear this, and it doesn't sound fun at all, but Heavenly Father blessed us with people to be put in our path. 

We got close to where we were going, and we stopped at a bus stop right as someone got there. I went over and started talking to him about if he went to a church in the area, and basically began to start into the restoration with him. Elder Alverenga came over and was teaching with me. Elder Allen was trying to call some members to see if we could get some help getting to where we needed to be. And while me and Elder Alverenga were teaching, another man came over and sat next to us. So I turned and began to teach him about the message of the restoration. We talked with them for about 30 min, and then the bus came and they had to leave. One of them took The Book of Mormon, and the said he wanted to find out if it was true, and the other took the pamphlet and said he would read the pamphlet. Both of them live out of our area, but we gave them our number if they had questions or wanted to talk to us more. I know that sometimes things don't work the way we expect them to, but as we keep showing our faith and we work hard, Heavenly Father will send blessing our way and show us miracles. 

Another great miracle happened this week. We met with a new investigator yesterday named Armon. He came to church last week with one of the members of our ward and said he had some questions for us. We went and met with him yesterday, and we spent the 1st hour and a half answering his questions. They were really good questions, and he was very sincere about learning. After we answered his questions he wanted us to start into the first lesson with him. 

So we taught him about the message of the restoration. It was a longer lesson, but it was a great one! By the time we had finished teaching him, he had said he wanted to read more then we asked him to read. He understood all the things we had taught, and he understood Christ's life so well!! .   I also at the end asked him " Armon, what would it mean to you if this was all true." He said he would look more into joining the church. Then we talked to him about Christ setting the example of how to return home to live with God again, and asked him why he thought Christ was Baptized. And he said to show us the example, and he committed himself to be baptized once he finds out if this is true!! This was another great miracles for us to see! Again it just goes to show that God does prepare his Children to recieve the gospel! I know that he was prepared and is wanting to take the steps to build his faith in Christ. 

To finish the week off, we went to a members home for dinner. The husband is active, but the wife is less active. We actually went to give the wife a blessing about a week ago. She was in the hospital getting a procedure done. She was in a lot of pain, and I had the opportunity to give her the blessing. While we sat there before we gave her a blessing, I was praying and asking what I should say to help her. And as I pondered, I wasn't sure what I was to bless her with. And the scripture D&C 84:85 came into my mind.
Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say; but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man.

I knew that the Lord would tell me what I would need to say. I began to give her the blessing, and I remember saying that she would receive comfort and relief from the pain that she was in, and that soon this would pass. I felt so strongly that I could bless her with this. Well we left that night from the hospital to go back to our apartment.

Well when we went back last night to see them the wife came and told us how she felt after we gave her the blessing. She said she still felt pain, but it was almost like there was a weight that was lifted off of her. She had a tube that went into her lungs, and it was causing her alot of pain, and she said she knew that it was still there, but it was almost like she couldn't feel it anymore. As she was telling me this, her eyes began to water. It was such a blessing and a testimony builder to me. 

Sometimes as we get up to give blessings or speak to other, or what ever it may be, we may be nervous that we won't say the right things. But I know, and I testify to you that if you are worthy, and your are prepared, that the holy ghost will tell you exactly what to say, and you will be able to fully accomplish all that our Heavenly Father would have us do. I know that to be true, and I bare witness of that!! 

So don't every be afraid to talk with friends about the gospel. Those who hold the priesthood, don't be afraid to exercise it! Just be worthy and ready! 

I am excited to be apart of this great work! I know we will continue to see miracles this week! 
Well I hope all y'all have a great week!

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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