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Klein Stake Youth Conference

The article below was published in the Deseret News. It is about the youth conference that Elder Christensen attended.  See the link attached.  Photos below from the Youth Conference blog.

3-day youth conference encourages participants to become perfected in Christ

By Ramona Siddoway
For the Deseret News
Published: Sunday, May 11 2014 10:55 p.m. MDT
Updated: Monday, May 12 2014 9:36 a.m. MDT

Teens in the Klein Texas Stake gathered for their youth conference, “Becoming Perfected With Christ,” giving youths the opportunity to re-enact experiences from the Book of Mormon.

Two nights and three days, 335 sunburns and a fight with the Anti-Nephi-Lehies.

This all took place during Easter weekend.

Youths and leaders in the Klein Texas Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered on 1,300 acres of private land for their youth conference centered around “Becoming Perfected With Christ.” This Book of Mormon-themed conference gave youths the opportunity to re-enact experiences from this book of scripture, including making their own family Titles of Liberty.

Each participating youth was assigned into one of the 16 “families” that were complete with a Nano and Tano (mom and dad) and a big brother or sister who also served on the planning committee.

After a brief meeting at King Benjamin’s tower — a 26-foot tower built with telephone poles — the youths traveled through the "wilderness" where they were subjected to mists of darkness (provided by fog machines), walked in an uneven field wearing blindfolds as they held onto an “iron rod” (made of PVC pipe) to finally be greeted by Lehi (portrayed by Lloyd Stutz) standing under the Tree of Life.

A large oak tree had been wrapped with several strands of Christmas lights and illuminated with additional floodlights to stand out as the Tree of Life in the darkness of the night.

“Lehi addressed the youth in his own Book of Mormon style of language, his message one of relating the events of the vision to their current dispensation,” Stutz said. “They were encouraged to pray many times per day, search and ponder the word of God continually, and to go and make a difference in this world. They were reminded that they are here in the latter-days to do more than just to save themselves, but also to prepare the world and its people to reach their full potential before the return of Jesus Christ.”

But it wasn’t just the youths that were touched.

“I felt the warm connection to Lehi as I prayed and prepared for this event,” Stutz recalls. “Standing in the dark night next to a beautifully lighted giant oak tree was a very spiritual moment for me. The youth stayed focused as Lehi addressed them with all of the tenderness of a loving parent, who wanted only for them to partake of the love of God.”

The next two days involved various workshops where youths listened to leaders speak about missionary work, scripture study and watched several live vignettes portraying Book of Mormon scenes and events.

Split into two groups, each army was rallied for battle by none other than their own Captain Moroni as he discussed the Title of Liberty. A few battle cries later, the two teams ran out onto the open meadow where a full-fledged whacking began.

It took nearly a year of planning to pull off such a large undertaking.

“Each of the youth on our committee was chosen for a reason,” said Greg Lyman, the Klein Texas Stake Young Men's president. “They each brought their own unique skills, personality, spirit and experience that we needed to pull off an event of this magnitude. And most importantly, they all worked together to seek the will of the Lord as they prepared this conference for the youth of the Klein Texas Stake.”

"We have a prophetic priority to prepare the youth,” said Tom Kunz, first counselor in the Klein Texas stake presidency, “to deepen their discipleship; to help prepare them for the increased expectations the Lord has for them. They are the modern day army of Helaman."

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