Monday, August 4, 2014

Transfer Week done!!

Hey everyone! 
Things are going well! This last week has probably been one of the craziest weeks of my life. But looking back, it has been so worth it. So with this week being transfers we have not had much time to be out and try to find and teach others. But this next week will be a lot better for us. 

Tuesday was our actual transfer day. We had such a big group of missionaries transferred! We had about half of the mission that was getting moved. We stood up in the back of one of our Nissan Frontiers and gathered everyone in. There was such a big group of missionaries that made there way over. We first started out by thanking the departing missionaries and all they had done to contribute to the mission. And then from there we had the coveted transfer sheet that tell missionaries where they are going. So as I walked through the parking lot to get in the back of the car missionaries started falling me and grouping around me. Well we got them passed out and then the craziness started! 

This transfer we had a ton of sister missionaries leaving so we had to close a lot of sister areas, and we had to white wash a bunch of areas with elders. So with that happening we were answering questions and changing cars out for missionaries for about 3 straight hours. Once we got that taken care of we loaded up all of the departing missionaries and drove them over to the mission home. 

They then had some training that day, and then we were able to go to the temple. We then had a had the dinner and the devotional that night at the mission home. I love hearing the testimony of the departing missionaries! They are just so powerful, and make you want to go work your tail off! I have such a a strong testimonial of how important this work is! Seeing missionaries leave is such a hard thing because of how well I have been able to get to know them but it helps build your testimony of how blessed we are to be able to be out here for such a short time and to dedicate it entirely to our Father in Heaven! I love this work more than anything else! 


We dropped off the missionaries and it was sad seeing them go, but at the same time we were able to pick up the new missionaries! And if you need to get excited about missionary work then you need to be with the new missionaries! They carry such a great spirit with them. 

We didn't have all the missionaries fly out that we were expecting. So we had to make a couple of changes for the transfer because we called more trainers then there were missionaries. But that day we trained them on a  couple things, and had a great dinner and opening devotional with them. This group of missionaries that came out are  such a good group! I feel like they will help lead the missionaries in the mission! 

We had our training meeting, and then we got the new missionaries with there trainers. But we had a bunch of trainers show up late because they had their cars towed. Just that morning we had 3 companionship's get their cars towed. This week hasn't been the best week for cars. But after we did some training we got the missionaries out on there way. We then just had to do some different office work, and then help run somethings to different areas that were pretty close to us. 

 We went up to some other missionaries district meetings to see how they were doing. It was a good experience. We went to an English and Spanish district meeting. The Spanish one I surprising  understood a good part of it. It was a good and fun learning experience. Again that day we had to do a couple more things to finalize transfers. And then that night we went to play some ultimate Frisbee with our Ward. 

We have been trying to make this a big missionary effort, and we have been seeing success. In the beginning we had only a couple non members show up, but now we are getting close to 7-10 each time. Now we are at the point where we are trying to transition to members inviting there friends they bring to take the lessons. 


We had a lot of craziness this day as well. We had one of the missionaries who was going to fly out on Weds fly in. He had to stay in Provo because he was having some medical problems going on. But he was cleared to come and so we went to pick him up. Well we had to do a couple of emergency transfers to get different companionship's together. So we were asked to go and pick up and elder from the Woodlands who was in a trio. So we needed to bring him to the air port to get his new companion. Well there was a miss communication so when we got there he wasn't quite ready to go. So we called the mission president and asked if he could bring the elders from the air port to the mission office and he said he could. 

Well while we were on the way down, we got a call from him. He said his car starting smoking at the airport and they towed it off. They said that they needed a ride. Well that morning we had another mission car that was putting out white smoke out of the front and the back up in College Station. Like I said not the best week for cars. 

But we picked up the everyone with the transfer van that we have at the office and brought them back to the mission office. We also cleared out the mini van we usually drive because it was going to be taken up to college station to be used. So for the mean time we are driving the 2013 Silverado! I can't quite complain about that part! We also tried to get our bed route done for the mission. We needed to pick up some beds and drop them off at different areas, but then more things went wrong so we weren't able to finish. So we will have to do that this week. 


Was good as always! I had a great study for personal that really helped me. Well after church we went and had to go back to the office to really finalize transfers. And we were here for about two hours. And again that night we had another vehicle go out on a companionship. 

So this week has been crazy but it has been good. It has allowed me to rely on Christ and use the atonement to help me through it. Some things got frustrating, but like I said I had a great study on Sunday. It was on patience. I know with out a doubt that good times are on the way. Faith proceeds the miracles. I know in live as we go through hard times or crazy time the lord prepares us for something better. I have seen this so many times in my life!  Just keep working and do the basics of scripture study, prayer, and church and you will be blessed! 

Well I hope y'all have a great week!
Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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