Monday, August 25, 2014

Master Teaching!

Hey Y'all! 

Things are going well here in the great state of Texas! We have a very busy week. This week we went around the mission with zone conferences. Tuesday through Friday we had zone conferences from 8:00 AM until 3:30 PM. We went through and were training the missionaries on Master Teaching. We have really been stressing the importance of helping the learners state the truth. 

I know I have already said this, but as missionaries we get in the habit of just talking and trying to tell those we teach everything we know. This is not the way the lord would have us teach. If we can ask inspired questions and help those we teach come to the answers on there own, then at that point the learner has become the testifier. And we can add our witness as a 2nd to there answer. 

A big portion of the zone conference was just role playing. We role played for about 2 hours in the afternoon. In the first couple days we saw quite a few train wrecks, but that is how we learn. President Mortensen asked us to role play master teaching in front of the whole mission. So each day during the zone conferences we role played with President and Sister Mortensen. At parts, I was very stressed out about having to practice teaching in front of the whole mission. Because after they talk about what things went well, and what could have been better. So again it is a great learning activity. Well each day of role playing it went very well. 

 The Lord has been so good in blessing me! I know that the reason why the role plays went well was because of him. Tuesday was probably my favorite day of all the role plays. It was one of the role plays where the spirit was just there so strongly! I know that the Lords was guiding my words and helping me know what to say. Right at the end I opened my mouth to testify to a thing that they said, and words just came out! President and Sister Mortensen eyes both began to water, and the spirit was there so strong that everyone in the room could feel it! I know for a fact that was not me that caused that. I was just blessed to be able to be an instrument during the role play for the Lord. 

The teaching came across very powerfully as Elder Hillebrant and I did our best to use this new teaching approach.  D&C 11:21 is one of my favorite scriptures. I just know for a fact that the promise given here is true! I have seen it so much through out my chance to be out here in Houston. 

We have seen other great miracles this week as well as we have used this new master teaching approach. I wish I could explain master teaching better over email, but it can be very difficult. Well this week we were going and checking up on  a referral that was received a little while before I got to the area. We ended up taking Kyle with us to go check on it so he could see what missionary work is like. And we talked with this lady named Casey. She said we could come back the next day and teach her. 

Well the next day came around and we went back over. And Kyle was with us again. We started teaching her, and asking her questions. And she began to teach herself. We asked her questions that would help her state the doctrine. " Casey God called me through out the bible to be his spokesman. Do you know what these men are called?". Then she went on to answer saying they were called prophets. We then say" That is exactly right, I bear testimony that what you just said is correct." She became the testifier when she answered with the doctrine. And then we would add our witness to it. If she didn't know an answer we would use a scripture to help her learn the doctrine. " Casey what is the role of the prophets." She then said, "  Well they would talk to God" . 
(Us) .. " Casey that is exactly right, and what was there purpose in talking with God? "
(Casey) " Um I really don't know"
(Us) " Well lets turn to a scripture and find out." 

We opened up to Amos 3:7. We asked to her look for what the prophets revealed, and who there revealed it to. After she would read we would just ask her answer those same questions. 
 (Casey)   " Well God revealed his secrets, and he revealed it to his prophets."
(Us)          " yes that is right! So why do you think Prophets were so important for the people?"
(Casey)   "That is how the people would understand Gods will!"
(Us)          " Casey you are right again! We want to at our testimony to what you just said! 

Ok so that was just a small example of Master teaching, but with that she was able to learn the doctrine for herself. We were the ones do all the talking. And with that it gave the Holy Ghost the better chance to testify to her! It was such a great lesson. By the time we talked about apostasy and why there are so many churches in the world today she got very excited. She stopped us and asked, " Wait a minute! There is only one true church isn't there! Do you guys know which one it is! Please Please Please tell me!!!" 

There is just such a difference in the teaching method that helps others come to the knowledge for themselves. And then it is more meaningful to them. We will be meeting with her again later in the week, and checking up to see how her Book of Mormon reading has gone. She committed herself to read! She just wanted to know so badly the truth. The Lord again has blessed us with miracles as we have made our teaching more focused on just helping the investigators to learn for themselves. We may have to end up passing this sister off at some point to other missionaries, but the first lesson was great! 

Well that is about the main points of the week that I wanted to share. But I just again want to bare my testimony on the importance of missionary work! We know that Gods work and His Glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. That is His Goal. His plan to accomplish that is missionary work! Please pray for opportunities to have these experiences. I invite you to ponder on someone you know who would benefit from the blessing of the gospel of Jesus Christ. After thinking of someone, think of what the next natural step would be in helping them feel the Love of God. 

You don't have to immediately invite them to meet with missionaries, but set a goal with your self to help someone else experience the same blessings you are privileged to have. I promise you as a called representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, that as you do this, you will experience more JOY with in your homes and your families! You will have deepened conversion, and a greater relationship with the Savior! I testify of that in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful week. 
Elder Joshua V. Christensen

Here is another P-Day Selfie!!! We are off to an afternoon of TOP GOLF with some members!! 

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