Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet the Mormons!

Hey everyone! I hope you have had a great week! Things here have been going great! There is not a ton to report on this week, but we have had a couple of great opportunities. A lot of this week has also been us getting ready for these up coming interviews that will take place these next 3 weeks. So a lot of time has gone into making those plans. 

 So this last week we did something that the mission has seen before!  We had a couple days where we went through the mission and watched a movie!! Now this wasn't just any ordinary movie. We got to watch the new movie that will come out October 10th called, Meet The Mormons! The missionary department got in contact with President Mortensen this about 2 weeks ago. And they requested that all the missionaries watch this movie so that when it does come out, we as missionaries can be able to answer questions. 

Now the movie will not be used as a proselyting tool. We as missionaries have been asked to not proselyte at or near movie theaters. We want this to be a way for people to learn a little more about  why we live the way we do! It is such a great movie!! We were able to go and watch it 3 times as we went around the mission. We were asked to set up and take down all of the equipment for it. We watched it in different church buildings around the Houston area, and we watched it through a internet link sent to us by the missionary department. And can I just tell how well this movie was done! Its a documentary that goes through the lives of 6 different families who are members of the church. And it just really helps to clear up a lot of  misconceptions about the church. 

It was also cool because while  President Mortensen was in the MTC, he watched this film. And after they also were able to hear from a couple of different focus groups that talked about there thoughts on the film. And about 74% of them said that they would recommend and take their friends to go and see it! And many non members said they would be more willing to have missionaries in there home after seeing it! 

I would just like to invite each of you to go and watch it when it comes out! I promise you that you will absolutely love it! And please go and see it with your families and also invite all your friends. It is also great because the the money from it goes straight to the red cross. We are encouraged to invite members to go see it so that it can stay in the theaters and give more opportunities for people to see it. Please make it a priority to see it! You won't be disappointed! Like I said I was able to watch it 3 times and each time I loved it that much more! So please again if your have the chance go and see it!  Here is a link to a trailer for it.

Other than that this week we have had the chance to meet with a Kevin a couple of times! He has been reading in the Book of Mormon a lot more this week which has been great! That is really what he needs to help him overcome the obstacles he is going through. And he has even recognized that himself!  We have also been able to get more members involved in helping teach and fellowship.So I think that has been helping him also to have a great support system.  But we will continue to meet with him and help him out in a possible way that we can. 

We are also continuing to get in the homes with different members and help them find ways they can get more involved with missionary work. And the member excitement has just been incredible! We are getting about 1000 members+ each week to commit to help with the work!  And it is just based on what they feel they can do to help. I just know the Lord  is hastening his work so much at this time! I love it! 

(Us with a member this week after we went to teach Kevin)
Sunday we also went and sat in on some Stake Correlation meetings. We were in meetings most of the day but it was very much worth it! We had the stake presidency, zone leaders and some of the high counselors that usually meet in there meetings. The mission President will also go, but this time he had the mission presidency and us come along. We were able to discuss some of the revelation he had received from the last mission president seminar. And as we discussed with with this council it was just incredible. Both meetings the councils came out with a action plan to get started on how they can get themselves more involved and make things more effective! It just gets me all pumped once I start talking about it! 

Things are going very well, and I am just also so excited to be able to listen to general conference this coming weekend. I just know that I will be able to receive answers and be spiritually nourished as I got and listen to the words of the prophets and apostles. I just want to extent a promise to y'all in preparation for this conference. If you are looking for an answer to a question or concern you have in your life, then prayerfully listen to the speakers this week during general conference. Start with a prayer and specifically asked our Father in Heaven to bless you with the answers you came with. As you do this and your really strive to listen with your spiritual ears, then Heavenly Father will bless you with those answers, and he will make them know unto you through the Holy Ghost. I know that to be true and I promise that to you as a Called representative of Jesus Christ! I have done this every conference and I know that it works! 

I am just so happy to be a missionary at this time, and I know the Lord will continue to hasten his work! I know that as we are as effective as we can he will bless us and help us to become instruments in his hands to bring about much good. I know that to be true! I know that we are being led by a prophet on the earth today, and that God continues to ​reveal truths to His us because he loves us! I know that to be true! 

Well I hope y'all have a wonderful week! 
Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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