Monday, September 8, 2014

Pre Transfer WEEK!!!

Hey everyone!! I am going to have to keep this email nice and short today! We have had a lot of stuff to do today to be ready for transfers tomorrow! I can't believe another transfer has gone by already! Time is seriously is going by way to fast! This last week was mainly getting ready for transfers! We met about 4 different times this week. Each session went about 3-4 hours each. A couple of the nights we didn't end up leaving the mission office until about 11:00. We would be sitting there with president and just consider the different changes that needed to be made! I know I mentioned this about 6 weeks ago, but I just love being able to see how the spirit works as we discuss transfers and see which missionaries need to go to which areas! 

This week we did have some cool things happening! We are really trying to get the members more involved! And it has been great being able to do that! It is so much more effective! For example we had a member bring his friend named Kevin. We were able to teach him. We did some more of the master teaching. He grasped the concept of prophets and apostles and truly understood that was the foundation of Christs Church. We then taught him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and he said they he would read it! We also invited him to come to a baptism this last week and he was excited to come. 

It was funny because on the phone when we told him about it he first thought we were taking him to the church to be baptized. We explained to him how we could see someone else get baptized. He then said " Oh thats cool, when can I schedule my baptism for then? So we were both happy to hear that! He really is having the spirit work on him. He had some different challenges he will have to overcome before baptism, but he does have the desire to change. Well sadly when the member went to go pic him up on Saturday for the baptism, he slept through his alarm, so wasn't ready. He later texted us and told us he was sorry and did really want to come. He also told us that he has been reading alot from the Book of Mormon! So that has been one of the big miracles for this week! 

Well again this is kinda short because so much of the week was just getting ready for this next week. But some cool things are happening hear. Yesterday while we were at church, President Mortensen texted us and told us to meet him at the office that night because he had made a lot of changes that he wanted to review. And he had some great ideas! One of them being the formation of a new zone! So now in the mission instead of having 11 zones. We will have 12! So things are continuing to hasten here! This mission is defiantly being blessed so much with having President Mortensen here! 

 Well that is about the time I have for this week, but next week I will write in more details! I hope y'all have a great week! 

Elder Christensen

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