Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey everyone! So things are going really well. I don't have a ton to report on this week, but we have continued to see the Lords hand in our lives and in his work. It is also beginning to get pretty cold here! We have had some pretty cold days this last week. Or at least it feels cold. Back in Utah I could be out in like 30 degree weather or lower and where shorts, and now its like 40 here and I keep getting more layers! It is the wonderful humidity that makes difference. But it also has been great to see the change. 

This last week mainly consisted of exchanges that we had with different zone leaders. This is what a pick part of this transfer is for us. It will manly consist of zone leader exchanges. So in the last week and a half we have done almost 7 exchanges. And this pattern will continue for about the next two weeks! So my assigned companion and I will only be with each other on the weekends. Other than that we will switch off from being in our area or going to the zone leaders area. 

I must say though as tiring as it has been, it has been so great! As we have continued to work closely with each of the zone leaders we have gotten a better feel for the different areas and zones that are in the mission! And it helps us to identify concerns or problems as well as council together on how we can improve the work in the zones. 

We also ended up sending our mini van out to some zone leaders in Cypress so they can help move more people in there zone if needed. And we actually got a different car. It is a 2015 Ford Fusion. And when we drove it it only had 13 miles on it. So it is a awesome car that we are blessed to be able to use!

We are still making a big push to get on different campuses and so as we had the chance to go on some of the lonestar campuses in the area. We got onto the cy-fair location and we had some family history boards up and invited people to put a sticker on a map of where there ancestors were from. And then from there we were able to begin talking with them about there family history and ended with an invitation to learn about family history and the gospel. That is one thing I really do love about family history. It is a very non threatening way to invite people to learn about the gospel. And as they do it they are able to really feel the spirit of Elijah 

Also what made this week so great was the fact that we have been able to get Kyle back to church. Some of you may remember when I talked alot about Kyle 5 months ago. He is a recent convert to the church. Shortly after he was baptized because of work and some other things going on it made it hard for Kyle to be able to come to church. And little by little he stopped coming. He still would always meet up and would still read the scriptures but just not come to church. 

Well after months of working with him to help him come back to church he came yesterday! I was so dang happy! And you can tell as he has partaken of the sacrament that he has felt the cleansing power of the atonement! And he was able to meet so many new people at church yesterday when in the past he was shy about getting to talk with different people. He said how he wants to request work of on Sundays so he can feel that way every week! So that was definitely a tender mercy for me this week. 

And so now we are just preparing for zone conferences that we will be having this week! We will have 4 days that we will be training missionaries on how to more effectively teach the plan of salvation. So we are excited to be a apart of that! This really are just going so great right now!  

But that has mainly been my week! I am just so grateful for the chance to be a missionary. I love being able to see how the work is hastening! As members of Christ restored church we are all enlisted, we just have to do our part and act. And then that is when the miracles are seen! I know that to be true! 

I hope all y'all have a great week! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen 

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