Monday, November 24, 2014

Zone Conference week!

Hey everyone! 

Sorry this email will be very short! We started talking with President about transfers. And so that took up a bit of our time today! But things have been going well. 

This last week we had zone conferences. This time around we really focused on the Plan of Salvation. The format was very similar to the last time we had zone conferences. President would teach the majority of the morning and then from there we would role play teaching the plan of salvation in front of everyone. Following that we went in and had everyone else role play. We then went and sat in on different groups to listen and give feedback on how to help with the quality of the teaching. So that took up the majority of our week.

I am just so grateful for the plan of salvation and the joy and comfort that it brings into my life. As I continually study about it and ponder upon it and pray about it my testimony of it increases. I am grateful for how it helps us answer questions of the soul. It brings hope into our lives. It is one of the happiest messages that we can share with others. 

It is the message that helps families to know that God does have a plan for each of us! Jesus Christ truly is the center of the plan and I know that it is because of him that the plan works! He is the reason that we can find peace in this life. I know that to be true! 

 Along with that we had a couple of teaching appointments that went pretty well. We have some really good people that we are working with right now so things are going really well! We are hoping to get back in with many of our investigators this next week so we can continue to help them progress. 

I am just so grateful for this work! I know this is the Lords work! Many of us say so often how grateful we are for the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And if we are truly grateful for this wonderful gift Heavenly Father has given us then we should be active in trying to share it with those that don't know it. 

I would just invite you this thanksgiving holiday to pray and ask for who you know that could benefit from this message, or what you can do to help someone else out this great time of year! I know the Lord will be able to help lead you to someone you can help! 

I hope y'all have a great week! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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