Monday, January 5, 2015

It is going to be a great year!

Sorry, Today we  were talking to our mission president for a couple hours about transfers, and we also went ice skating, and it took us longer to get back then we expected because of the traffic here! 

So we won't really be able to write along email! I am sorry about that! Next week I will catch you up on all of the details. But I will try to highlight the great things that happened this week! 

So we had MLC on Tuesday, and sad to say but it will be the last one that I will be teaching at! Not everyone knows yet, but I will be getting ready to go back out into the field! It will be a great experience to be fully out and really apply all of the wonderful things that I have been taught! I am so grateful for President Mortensen and for all the things I have learned! Now transfers are still a week away , but we have already discussed that I will be leaving the office. 

But we did a training on Fasting as well as a wonderful role play on Mathew 14. We really have been having alot of missionaries run into the concern that a investigator does not feel quite ready yet to make the decision to be baptized. And this is a very common and sincere concern. But now when we are teaching we have a tool to help them overcome concerns and feel at peace with their decision to be baptized. And what is great is this applies to so much more than just baptism. 
I would just invite you to go read this experience and think about these questions. 

Starting in vs 27-28 look for:
1. Who comes to the apostles and look in vs 28 for what peter desires of Christ. 
2. How does Christ respond to Peters desires?
3. How would you feel if you were in Peters shoes and the lord specifically invited you to come out to him! ( Remember that Peter is leaving the safety and comfort of the ship. Everything that he knew before to follow our savior!) 
4. How do you think Peter felt after Christ invited him to come?

So we know in vs 30 that Peter walks out on to the water. And we know that he begins to sink. 
5. So look for what causes Peter to sink, and how did peter feel?

6. What are the winds in your life that sometimes causes you to feel afraid or feel like you are sinking? 

When Peter was focussing on Christ he was walking upon the water. But when he took his sight of of Christ be became afraid. He saw the winds and he began to sink. I think that this is a very important principle that we see. And think about what someones natural reaction

​is when they are sinking. They reach out for help. I love this visual of Peter reaching out to Christ. 
7 Now look in vs 31 and see how Christ responds to Peters cry.

Christ responds immediately to Peter and grabs him. Christ will alway be there to lift us up! He will never let us fall! We do go through trials and pain sometimes to help us grow! And even during the time it happens we feel like we are sinking! It is very natural to feel that way and be hesitant to leave the boat. But as we follow the example of Peter we will be blessed. But remember Peter had to reach out also, so I would just invite you to think of what things you need to do in your life to reach out so Christ can help you. This may be more effect daily scripture study, personal prayer, and temple attendance. It may be serving others or having a positive attitude. Just ponder about what you can do and then have a hope in Christ that he will save you and help you! I know that to be true! 

This principle also applies in the work place or in school or what ever setting we are  in. Sometimes we have decisions that are placed in front of us that cause us to have to leave our comfort zone or "leave the boat". Maybe walking out of a movie or standing up for what you believe. I just know again as we put our trust in the lord we will not fail! He will lift us up and help us become better than we were! I would again just invite you to ponder how you can apply these principles in this upcoming year and they will help you to have an amazing year where you can grow your relationship with our savior Jesus Christ! I know that to be true and I testify of that! 

Sorry again this is so short but I will catch y'all up on everything next week! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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