Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A wonderful Christmas Week.

 Again this week we don't have a ton to report on! Being in a singles wards during the holidays its a bit harder to meet with many of our investigators as well as members. But it was a wonderful week! We did have members have us over for Christmas eve and Christmas! And then of course being able to see the family was great! So it was a great Christmas!

 So one of the big things we are working on right now is working to find more investigators. We have pondered a lot about what things we can improve on. And the big thing we have decided on is to find effectively in a YSA (Young Single Adult)  ward we need to be working through the members. So we are going to make a bigger emphasis to have members help us by bringing there friends to activities as well as institute classes. Activities definitely play a big role in finding people to teach in the ward.

So to also find more people we went through our area book more in depth this week and called about 35 former investigators. We were able to get a hold of quite a few of them, and then there are a handful of people that would like to meet up again! So we are hopeful that we will see some great miracles come from that! 

And also we had our ward mission leader call us this week and invite us to come play basketball with him and a bunch of his friends who aren't members. And he brought some of his less active friends also.  At the end of the game we had a great lesson with them! We heard from our ward mission leader the next day that one of his less active friends after hearing the message on faith in Jesus Christ now wants to take the steps to be active and make his way to the temple! It was a great opportunity. 

He also told us that many of his friends thought very highly of us. They were impressed that we didn't let the game get to us, or get us to competitive. In there words they said, " I totally just blocked him and all he did was smile and give me a high five saying nice block! Who does that!" 

Now as funny as that sounds it really made me ponder. They saw something different in us that caught their attention. It was as small us not getting upset with a game. When we are baptized we promise our loving Father in Heaven to take the name of Jesus Christ upon us, and always to remember him as well as keep all of his commandments. Now focusing on taking Christs name upon is and always remembering him play a huge role in helping other recognize the light of the gospel. 

When we honor these covenants and as we stand as examples of our Savior Jesus Christ people will notice. They will feel a difference. That feeling they have will be the spirit testifying to them that there is something more for them! Now a lot of times they may not realize this at first, but little by little your example will bring people closer to Christ! I love the saying, " Preach the gospel always and when necessary use words! " Your example will go far beyond what you expect. 

I would just really invite you to ponder on this last week, and think to yourself. How did I take Christs name upon me this week? Did I look for opportunities to serve others? How can I improve this next week? 

I promise you that as you take these thoughts into consideration that you will be able to help others come unto Christ! Many will see and feel of the light that you have! I know these things to be true! 

I hope y'all have a great week! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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