Monday, March 23, 2015

Who let the dog out!

Hey everyone one! So this last week has been another great week! We were able to see some really great miracles with the area. We were able to teach Brenda a few more times and  right now she is still good for baptism this coming Friday. We are really excited for that!  It has been so cool to hear how excited and set they are for going to the temple in one year also. They are both progressing so fast!  

And in addition to that the zone will be having 5 baptisms just this Friday! I think a few weeks ago I may have mentioned about how at MLC we committed as a zone that we would get 6. Well we were really nervous because some of the people that we were expecting to be baptized were struggling with a few things. And so we talked with the elders and decided that we would pray specifically that this family could be baptized. And on Friday we heard that they were back on track fro this upcoming week end and instead of 6 we will be having 7.  So we will be able to achieve the goal that we set. And we can just see that the Lord truly is hastening his work! It just goes to show that as we put our faith and trust in the Lord he will bless us according to the righteous desires of our hearts. 

We also got a call from our mission president this last week, and he told us that this week the missionary department will be coming to town. And he wanted to have us go out on splits with them. So the missionary department guys are like the experts of missionary work! So we are excited to be one of the 3 companionships that get to go with them. We will learn a lot of great things from it. Then this coming week we will also have a MLC that is from the missionary department! So we are excited to see the training they come prepared with! 

At the end of the week we went to help an area in our zone that has continued to have a harder time when it comes to finding. So we decided to do a district blitz. So we brought in 4 companionships to this one area to help them find people to teach. 

Well we got to the place we were going to meet at and we got there a little early and some of the other area came later. But we decided to open with a prayer and in the prayer we asked for an opportunity to talked with someone else before the others arrived, and that we knew with he Lords help that we could teach. And then after we start knocking some doors. 

And the first was a nice guy. He was a Jehovah's witness, but he wasn't very interested in talking with us. So the 2nd door we knocked a guy answered and immediately told us he was not interested. And he didn't seem very happy to see us. And all of the sudden his little dog went out the door and just took off! Like I have never seen a little dog go so fast before. And he didn't seem to have any intentions just stopping. Well of course now the guy who answered the door is even more mad with us. He told us to leave, and now that his dog would never come back. 

So we went out and instead of knocking we tried to find this guys dog! So we walked for about 10-15 min trying to find it with no luck. My comp wanted to just stat knocking some doors again, and we just a talked for a bit about trying to find this guys dog. And I just remember saying that if this is the Lords will we will find his dog.  So were walking back to the car to meet some of the other elders, and then out of no where this little white fur ball runs across the street! My companion almost yelled "there he is!" And so we started going after him to get him. He saw us and started running towards us. I crouched to pick him up, and was ready to dive on him if he was going to run off another way. But luckily we got him! 

We started walking him back to the owners home. And my companion had a great idea to pray before we brought this dog back to thank the Lord and to ask for a opportunity to teach. And in his exact words he said please allow us to be able to have a discussion with this man. Well once we closed the prayer we rang the door bell again and gave this guy his dog back. And he was so happy. And then he put his dog inside and stepped out on the porch and closed the door behind him. And he looked at us with a smile, and he said alright this calls for a discussion what do you have for me! 

My companion and I just turned to each other knowing that this was a blessing from the Lord. We were able to teach him about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth. He has a really busy schedule, but I know because of sincere prayer the Lord opened up that opportunity for us to teach!

The Lord truly is in every detail of his work! As we rely upon him and ask for his help he will be able to help us! You can see even from this simple act of service it opened up opportunities to share the gospel! What a great blessing!  I know that to be true! 

Well I hope yall have a great week! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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