Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another week in The Woodlands!

 Hey! Things have been going well, it has been kind of a crazy week, but we have seem some cool miracles! So Monday we did our preparing for the week, and we had dinner with one of the ward members in our ward, and our investigator named Ben came with us. He connected really well with this family, and had a good lesson that night. 

  Tuesday was the day of transfers, so we weren't expecting to go up because we hadn't heard anything about us needing to be there. We were getting ready to start our personal study, and then about 10 min before 8:00am we got a call from the other Elders in our District, and they said that we needed to be at there apartment and needed to go with them to transfers! They got a call in the morning saying they needed to go and they needed us to go with them. So we grabbed our stuff and we went over and went down with them to transfers. But on the way to there apartment and we got a call from the assistants and they asked if we would be willing to train another missionary. And we accepted the opportunity to train, and then went down to transfers. 

The other zone leader got transferred out, so they called a brand new one, and I will be training him on how to do the zone leader stuff here in the stake. So once we dropped Elder Stewart off, we left and we were with Elder Neville. For Tuesday and Wednesday we were over 3 different wards! So the good news is we were super busy! We were teaching investigators in there wards, and a lot of inactive members in our ward. 
We taught one of there investigators named Angel both of the days that we were together. He will be getting baptized this next week, and so that was cool to be able to take part in teaching him. 

Also that day we went to a less active member in the Woodlands ward, and there was an older man that needed some help with brushing down his pool. And so I was able to help him out. It was a quick job, but it was fun to be able to help him out. He looked at me and asked if I had done it before, and I told him that I did that kind of stuff for 3 summers at a pool that I worked at.  

We were still between the 3 wads, so we were nice and busy. We did get to go back to Randy's house again and teach him the rest of the commandments. He has been working really hard to quit smoking since we met with him last. I know that as he continues to show his faith to the Lord that he will be able to over come this. He also loves coming to church, and has continued to come and stay for all 3 hours! 

That night we met with another investigator in The Woodlands ward named Jose. He was so kind, and he had a lot of great questions. We also had there ward mission leader come with us and help us out. We taught him the plan of salvation, and it was a good lesson! The spirit was strong, and we taught it simply and did our best to help him understand. In the beginning it was a bit hard because his dog was all over the place barking and knocking stuff over, but overall it was a good lesson. Having there ward mission leader there was so good, he bore really sincere testimony and it helped the lesson so much. It strengthened my testimony on how much a member can help out in a lesson. 

So today we went and picked our new companion. And his name is Elder DeLuca. So me and Elder Peterson will be training him. I will finish Elder Petersons training this transfer, and then we will both help with Elder DeLuca. But he will be a great missionary. Both of my companions are really good. I can see the work really getting ready to hasten in this area. 

So after we got back from picking up our trainees, we went over to our bishops neighbors house. His neighbors name is Roy Stone, and he has a big putting green in his back yard, and we went over along with the sisters and bishop and had a little competition with him. It was fun, and the winner of that would take on bishop and Roy.  Well I was lucky and I ended up winning and so I moved on to play against Roy and Bishop, and it was fun and it was close, but I finally got warmed up to his green and started doing a lot better! 

Well it was a good activity and we got to know Roy better. After he asked me to give the thought because I won. Bishop talked with him before hand, and told him that as missionaries we go out and invite others to come unto Christ. So we sat down and we just talked to him about Christ's atonement. It was a good little discussion. He was asking us questions and he said that we could come back and talk with him some more. So that will be cool!

We had district meeting,and we went and helped bishop out with something, and then from there we went and taught the plan of salvation to a family in our ward that was struggling a bit. And that went over really well and we talked to them about what we could do to help them. But after that we were getting ready for dinner, and the member that was making us dinner ended up just bringing the food to us, and then we got to talk to her a bit. She is one of the members that is coming back to activity and you can tell that things have been going better for her since she has come back.  

And then to finish the night we went and met with our Ward mission leader. And we were able to share the mission standards with him, and the spirit was really strong. They said that they would pray for people who they could introduce the gospel to. 

So today we went and just visited members, and tried to get in with a bunch of less actives. We have been getting Elder DeLuca introduced to everyone. And we were actually able to get back into Brother Marshburns house! That was such a blessing to be able to get back in again.  More and more lately we have been able to get in and help in out with things. So that has been a huge blessing! We are just seeing a huge reactivation effort going on here in the ward right now! It is so great!


I always look forward to Sundays. I love being able to partake of the sacrament and renew my covenants and to be able to just feel peace and happiness. So that has been good. And then we met with Morgan and he said that he will be going to church this next week with us. We sat down and had a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also focused on priesthood authority. But it turned out to be a great lesson! And that was just overall a great week. We finished the night with street contacting on the water way and we have 2 new potential investigators, so we will see how it goes.

I know that his gospel is true. I am so glad to be apart of this church and able to be our hear and share this happy message! I can't think of anything else better than being able to share this message! I love being here, and I just am so grateful for the opportunity I have be here in the College Park Ward. This is a great ward, and I am excited to see the work move forward. I know that this is our Heavenly Fathers work, and as we include him in everything that we will be able to be lead and guided in our lives! Please continue to look for opportunities to serve! They are out there! 

Well hope yall have a great week!

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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