Monday, February 3, 2014

Follow the Promptings of the Spirit

Howdy Y'all!!

Things this week have been pretty good! We have had a very blessed week. So starting with Monday, we had some members sign up on our dinner Calendar to feed us that night, but at the same time bishop really wanted to have us over that night, and asked to see if we could have the other family switch him days. So we were trying to switch days, but then I found out that they would be having a less active member over that we have been trying to meet with for months now. So I felt that the impression to meet with them,  So what we ended up doing was we went on splits. 

My companion stayed with the Bishop and the other missionaries, and I ended up going over to this other families home to have family home evening with them. We had a good dinner, and then I ended up kinda teaching solo cause I was with the members on the split. But the less active member was participating in the lesson, and it was really good. We went over the Doctrine of Christ with him, and actually had a really good discussion. So I was glad I was able to help them out that night. I know it was defiantly what I needed to do that night to best fulfill my purpose as a missionary.

We had dinner with one of our investigators Ben. After we ate, we sat down and watched the restoration video on Joesph Smith. The spirit was there, and I think it really helped Ben out. He has talked about how he wants to make sure that he is doing this for himself, and not because of the members. And we are so glad he understands that. We then talked to him about how he could find out for himself if that was something that God would want him to do. And he looked at us and said, "Well I guess I need to be reading the Book of Mormon more. And then we told him that is exactly how he would be able to find out for himself. So we committed him to keep reading, and we will continue to help him out the best that we can. 

Also that day we had an opportunity to meet with a new investigator that we have. Her name is Andrellia  and she is so prepared. We had a great first lesson with her, and are excited to see her progress. She had so many great and sincere questions. We may end up handing her off to the sisters though. She is mid 20's, and it would be easier for the sisters to meet and teach her so that may be the next step.

We had the opportunity to go to the temple on Weds, and I just love going there so much! I can't even explain how much joy and peace it brings in to my life. The Spirit is so strong there, and I love being able to go and find answers to prayers. And I love the knowledge that comes from the temple, and knowing that families can be together forever. This is truly a blessing in my life! 

Well after the temple, we had an appointment with Randy D. He is the one who has been coming back to church. And we were able to have a really good discussion with him. He explained to us some of the concerns that he is having, but overall he really wants to continue coming! He is seeing how much of a difference comes from going to church. And I know that is so true. 

Church is the great chance when can go and partake of the sacrament, and renew those precious covenants or promises with God. That is where we can continually feel as clean as we do when we decide to get baptized. God loves us so much and that is why he has given us the doctrine of Christ to make us happy! It is his way to bless our lives as well as our families! 

We had weekly planning, but then that day we got a call from some members that needed some help with some stuff.  So we went over to there house and helped them for about one and a half hours. By the time we finished we went back to our apartment to finish our weekly planning. But that night we went to the mall, and we could see the tender mercies of the Lord. 

My companion and I were having a bit of a rough time, because we didn't have a lot of teaching opportunities that day. But that night we were going through the mall trying to talk with some people. And we had some members stop us and thank us for what we were doing. They said that they could tell there was something different about us. They said something that really made me feel good and feel of the love that my Heavenly Father has for me. They said "even in the mall, where it is loud and crazy things going on, the Spirit shined through us and all the people that see us could recognize it. They said they saw us walking towards them and they could just feel something different when we walked towards them. And that was such a blessing to me. 

It goes to show that if we are doing whats right we can have the Spirit with us. And we can make any place a place where we can know of the love God has for us.That helped me and my companion out so much that night and I am grateful for the chance we had to be able to talk with them and share a lesson on Jesus Christ with them. The Spirit was just so strong where were and it was just and incredible feeling!

We had a good district meeting, and then we just went around trying to visit with different members that day. Alot of people were gone or busy this day, but that night we just walked around a big park and also went back to the mall to street contact. But we had someone recognize us and they ran from one of the stores to catch us. They saw we were missionaries! 

They were asking us questions about what we believed about Joseph Smith. And so we were able to teach her about the restoration. And she wanted to have a copy of the Book of Mormon, so we gave that to her and gave her our number. So hopefully she will will read it and then give us a call. She seemed pretty interested though. But it just goes to show as we continue to show our faith to the lord, he will put people in our path who are ready to hear the gospel. The mall is been a blessing because of the lessons we have been able to teach there! 

We went and met with a member who has been going through a bit of a hard time, but we got to see how he was doing. He is such a great and faithful member! But then we went to help a less active sister and her family. She needed help moving a bed into her sons apartment, and originally we thought it would just take like and hour or two because she wanted to feed us also. So by the time we got the service done it was close to 6:00pm and it was a bit of a long day because there was alot of arguing going on with the family and it was hard to feel the Spirit. 

But we kept trying to help in any way we could, and at the end of the night we asked if we could share a lesson on the Book of Mormon. And then the Spirit took over and the less active sister started asking us questions, and we were better able to help her understand. And for some reason after one of the questions I asked started sharing our missionary purpose. And then I connected it in with that is why it is important that we go to church. And it just totally clicked for her. 

She understood that she needed to start going to church again, and she told us how she had a desire to go through the temple and started asking us how can I get back on the right track so I can go through and we talked with her and had a super spiritual discussion. I know that because of the Spirit we were able to help her. 

This whole week I have seen how the influence of the Spirit can truly guide each of us in our lives and can help bless the lives of others. I know that is true. So when you receive promptings, make sure to act upon them. When you act you are blessed beyond measure! I now this is true. 

Keep looking for these great opportunities to serve! They are out there! I love y'all and hope you have a truly wonderful week! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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