Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This is God's Work

This week has been a long week, but so full of miracles! I will just start off with what happened on Tuesday.

So Tuesday we started out day out with studies and with some training things that needed to get done. Well right after this we decided to go out and go around to get Elder Deluca introduced to the members in the area. So we went out and tried to meet with a list of families in our ward we wanted to get him introduced to. So we were able to get in with a couple of the families that we wanted and we shared our mission standards with them, and committed them to pray to know if they are true, and to pray to have missionary experiences. 

So after this we had to run to the apartment because I needed to call the mission office and report some numbers that they wanted. We decided to go check on some referrals after this and while on our way to one of the referrals, we passed one of our member on the road and followed them to there house to talk to them. We talked with Sister Prows because one of the referrals we got lived over by her house. And she was telling us about the referral and about some of her neighbors that she will be trying to have missionary experiences with. Sister Prows told us about one of her neighbors that found out they had brain tumor. And she said that she was going to talk to them and see if they needed help with anything. And she said  she would call us once she talk to her neighbors. 

After talking with her we went to check on the other referrals and we didn't have any luck getting in with them. We were getting ready to go to a dinner appt and wanted to go also check in with a less active member in our ward that we didn't really know. So right as we were getting ready to go talk with him our phone rang, and Sister Prows told us right after we left she went inside to get the key to check her mail, and then went out and saw the neighbor that was struggling. She asked if the neighbor wanted to have a priesthood blessing. And the neighbor said she would like that. 

Later that night we were able to go over, and my two companions stayed at the Prows home, and I was asked by brother and sister Prows to go and help out with the blessing so it wouldn't be so many people showing up. And this experience was truly one of the coolest experiences I have had on my mission. I watched as Brother Prows sat down with his neighbor. And he explained how Jesus Christ came to this earth and preformed many miracles while he was hear. He healed the sick, caused the blind to see, and even raised the dead. So many great things he did! And he told her that through her faith and through that authority we held she could be healed. 

Well I was able to anoint her head with the oil and Brother Prows sealed it. And the spirit was so strong while we were there. There were some cool things that were said, and she defiantly felt the spirit. I am so grateful for the priesthood. I know that it is truly Gods power here on Earth to help serve others, and to help others return back to our Heavenly Father. It is by that authority that baptism and other saving ordinances can be preformed so that we can return to live with God someday. I know that is true.

Wednesday wasn't quite as exciting. I sat in an office for 3 hours with my Zone Leader Companion and we prepared for stake correlation. So during that time our companions were out between the two areas. But it was a good experience for 3 new missionaries to go out together and invite others to come unto Christ. 

Thursday we had weekly planning, and then we went around to visit with a couple of different members. But that night we were able to meet with one of our investigators named Andrellia. She was a referral from the Conroe Sisters. We were teaching her the plan of Salvation and it was a good lesson. We invited her to be baptized,and she accepted for March 29th. We will probably be handing her over to the sisters here. 

But after I went on a split with our Ward mission leader Brother Harris, and he said during that lesson he could feel the spirit. He had his daughter there and was trying to keep her quiet. But he said he knew when we were testifying because he just felt the spirit so strong! It just really goes to show how much the spirit takes part in the conversion process. I know that through the spirit lives can be changed and others can experience a change of heart. It was so great to experience. The couple appts we had scheduled fell through, so we are going to go again tonight so we can get those done. 

Friday me and my zone leader comp did something different. Instead of going to our district meeting, we decided that we will start to go to the other districts in the zone. So we traveled to the Conroe district that day. We got there at 1015 and district meetings was to start at 1030. We saw the Conroe sisters and they asked why we were there. We told them what we were doing, and then they laughed and said district meeting didn't start till 1130. Well me and my companion didn't want to sit down for an hour and wait so we decided to go our finding. We got some cards, opened with a prayer and went out. 

We walked up this road and saw that there was a Walmart. So we went around and asked people if they needed any help as well as we invited people to learn. We also walked in and tried to see if anyone would come and talk to us. Well we were able to talk with just a few people but we grabbed some food real quick so we would be able to get back to our areas after. And while checking out we also put a copy of The Book of Mormon with the food and she picked it up and she just looked at it and asked what it was. And we were able to talk to her about and she actually seemed interested, and so we got a referral for the Conroe Sisters. So that was a huge miracles to us. It just shows that when you put the Lord first and you do all that you can to serve, God will put people who are prepared in your path! I know this is true and I know that goes for any of us looking for experiences to share the gospel.

Saturday we went to a baptism for a investigator I got to help teach a couple times in the Woodlands ward. And that was good. Baptisms are always where you can feel the spirit. And then the reset of the day we went around and visited members. That night we had dinner with a family and asked them to pray at the end of the lesson and to ask to have someone placed in our path that is prepared for the gospel. We went to the mall after and started to try and talk with people. Half way through I got a call that I  needed to return. So we went to sit on a couch by one of the stores. I sat on the end and sat a guy on the other side of me. I sat on the side on purpose to try and put my new companions in a position where they could work together to share the gospel. 

So they started to talk to him and he was interested in learning more. So after the phone call I pulled up another couch, and we pretty much taught him the plan of salvation and restoration. We read about the atonement in Alma Chapter 7, and we pointed out that Jesus Christ didn't just suffer for our sins, but he also suffered for all of our pains afflictions, temptations and sickness. And because he has felt that for everyone he is able to help us out. And that really got him thinking. We gave him a copy of the book of Mormon and right as we were going to ask him to read his sister came out of a store and he had to leave right then. So we weren't able to get his number but it was just the answer the the prayer of the members. 

We truly had someone who was prepared put in our path tonight. I know that is true and I am grateful for the chances I get to see miracles everyday! God is a God of miracles. As we show our faith and have open minds and eyes.. We will see them. 

Sunday I had Stake correlation and it is great to see how much love the stake presidency has for the stake. I know that this is the case always. But during these meetings they really discuss what ways we can help the members, and how we can help the recent converts. It is such a great blessing to be able to see this and participate in it. 

That morning we also had a great missionary meeting with the ward auxiliaries. We set some great goals for missionary work in this area for the coming year. And then we had church and had some of the less actives families we are working with come. 

I love this great and glorious work I am involved in. I now that as we reach out and help all of Gods Children we can bless there lives and bring them close to Jesus Christ. "I am disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." 3rd Nephi 5:13 I know this is our divine calling as members of the church. This is our goal to help all of Gods children return home. I know this is true. And I have come to this knowledge through diligent scripture study and prayer. 

Please look for these opportunities. They will bless your life and the life of others. I know this is true and I bare witness of it in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

I hope all y'all have a great week! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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