Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We are a peculiar people!

from 5/26/2014

Hey everyone! I hope y'all have had a great week! This week has been very similar to last week. We had a lot of appointments that fell through, but it was still a good week! 

We have been trying to start going through different parts of our area and get to meet the members and less active members here. We had a cool miracle happen while doing this. So we decided to go to a certain part of our area and go through the list like I mentioned. So we did that and we came to a name of a guy in our ward. His name is Brother Potter. He is a less active member. So we got into the area of where he lived, and he lives in a gated community in our area. Well we go and knock on his door, and he answered and was surprisingly happy to see us. He said it was the first time in 5 years that he has seen Elders. He said that alot of missionaries must have been scared away by the no soliciting signs, and the no trespassing signs in this community. 

He let us in and we started to talk with him a little bit, and he was so friendly. He gave us water and starting telling us about himself. He was telling us about how he met the missionaries, and how he became a member. He then told us that once he remarried, his wife wanted to go to a different church. So he stopped coming so he could go to church with his wife. I really felt that if we keep coming back to his house that we will be able to help him out. He travels alot for work, but he invited us to stop by at anytime, and he will let us in and give us some water! I just know that as we are looking for opportunities to help others out, and are really including God in all of our plans that he will bless us. I know that we were led to Brother Potter, and that we will continue to see miracles as we do this! 

    This week we also had zone conferences! And we had such a great training by President, and the assistants. So the main point they were getting at was that we need to always be following God in all that we do. We need to follow the spiritual promptings that we receive. They used different examples out of the Book of Mormon and the Bible. For example in the Book of Mormon when King Noah is questioning about what to do with the prophet Abinadi. As Abinadi taught, King Noah had the thought to release him, but his priests were telling him that it was Abinadi at fault. 

There was that point that he could have listened to the spirit, and followed what God would have him do, but he listened to the voice of man. Our mission President went on to say that as missionaries we are weird! And we need to be! He used the example of how missionaries have to have someone stand behind the car to back it up. That is weird! But that is what we have been asked to do! And as we follow it, we will be blessed! Now when he was talking about this he said we are weird because we all have points where we need to heed to what Gods says, and ignore the voice of the natural man. In 2nd peter 2:9 
 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.
    As members, and as missionaries we need to be peculiar. We need to be examples to those who are not of our faith! We are weird! The world is changing at a rapid rate, but as we hold fast to the truths of the gospel, we are going to be blessed for it! I know and testify that as we do everything we can to help bring people to Christ, and we follow all of Gods commandments with diligence, and follow all of the promptings of the spirit, meaning acting upon them immediately; God will help us and protect us. He will comfort us when we stand in need of comfort! The Gospel truly is the way that our Father in Heaven wants us to be  happy! Even though in the worlds eyes we are weird, in Gods eyes we are preparing ourselves to live with him again! I know that to be true!

    I am sorry that my emails lately have been shorter, we haven't been have as much time to write. But I hope that all of you are doing well. Please always look for chances to share the gospel with others! This is Gods work, and we are blessed to be apart of it.

I hope all y'all have a great week!

Elder Joshua V. Christensen    

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