Monday, December 1, 2014

He is the gift.

  Sorry this is going to be another short email. It has been a really crazy day for us. But I can not believe that we are officially into December now! Where is the time going! These last few months have gone by so fast. 

   This last week has been another great one! We were able to have our mission leadership council. And so we help lead many of the discussions, and then we finished out by helping watch the role plays that were taking place. And we were able to help provide feed back and training. We practiced teaching the Plan of Salvation again. We are doing everything we can to master our teaching here so that we can be the most effective in helping bring others unto the truth. And helping them to receive the restored gospel! I love it so much!

Then of course later in the week we had a wonderful thanksgiving. We had the chance to go over to our mission presidents home. We got to spend sometime with his whole family! They are such a great family and every time you are with them you just learn so much from them and there family. 

It was also nice to because while we were there we had some opportunities to discuss more about transfers. We have taken a lot of time this week with preparing for transfers. But it was such a nice day and a great chance to spend with there family.  

These were just some of the main things that we did! But something I really wanted to take some time to talk about is the new video the church has put out called He is the Gift. Many of you may be familiar with this already. But if not I would encourage you to look it up. The church is going big this Christmas with helping spread the true message of Christmas. 

  This last Easter the church also made a video called Because of Him. And that was a great success! There were about 4 million people who viewed the video. Now the reason I say this little fact is to set up this next statement. The church is estimating about 220 million to see the He is the Gift video. I may have already mentioned this in past emails also. 

But the Church has bought the mass header on youtube for the month of December. And it will start December 7th. And then the Church has bought video boards in Time square in New York City. And the video is such a great video! Here is the link for the video.  As you watch it please think of who you could share this with to help bring them joy this Christmas season. 

You can also find it by going to 

See it is such an amazing video! But to help spread this to as many people as we can, we as members need to share it. You may have noticed in your ensigns that they have packets of pass along cards for he is the gift. That is one simple way you are able to share it. You can also post it on Facebook, twitter, or any other social media way. 

I would just invite you to please just do your best to share it. I promise you that it will bring such a stronger spirit of Christ in your home this Christmas season! It will bring you and your families closer one with another as you unite in sharing it together.  This is the Lords work and this is just one more way we see that the Lord is hastening His work! I testify of that!

Well I hope y'all have a great week! 
Elder Joshua V. Christensen

( here is a pic of the mission presidents fireside the week before. )

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