Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A week of exchanges and miracles!

Hey everyone! 

This week was a pretty great week! We are continuing to see some great miracles take place here in the woodlands. The Lord is continuing to bless us! We are seeing more and more baptismal dates being set through out the zone. The Lord will continue to make it flourish. We also had some great miracles happen this week. We were able to go on a couple different exchanges this week. One was with one of our district leaders. And the other one was with the assistants. Both exchanges we were able to see some great miracles come from. 

 When I was with Elder Thomas we stayed here in the college park area, and we were able to find one new investigator.That same day we met with Christian who was a former investigator, and we had a great restoration lesson with him. There were so many points where the dots connected for him and he understood so much better. He said how it made so much sense he couldn't stop smiling! The Spirit was strong and we were bold with our commitments and he accepted. We will hopefully be meeting with him again this week on Thursday. 

  We also had a stake meeting that night. Many of you may be familiar with the new program has been using called Just Serve. It is a website that posts different service opportunities that can be found through out the community. So as zone leaders we sit in on this stake Just serve council, and we discussed the best way that we are wanting to get this all rolled out to the stake.  It was about and hour and a half meeting, and we had some great discussion on when we wanted to present this to the different wards in the stakes. And originally they said they would present after the summer when everyone starts getting back to school. And it was a great idea to do it at that time because many of the members here in the Woodlands go to Utah or other Places during the summer. So many of the members are gone. 

But as we were counselling one with another I kept receiving the prompting to try and get it rolled out before summer gets out. And the thought that kept running through y head was, if we can get people to feel the spirit of this before summer starts during the summer they can be doing service opportunities and feel the great spirit that comes from serving others. And now only that they will gain a stronger testimony of service that will lead members to want to continue to offer service into the next school year. If we were to present it once everyone would be back many people would be so busy with school and work and other things so not as many people would be using this great program that the church sponsors. 

So after saying that we began to council some more and we came to the agreement that it would be harder to get it all ready by summer, but it would be worth it. It was just a cool experience for me because it just grew my testimony so much of the revelation we are able to receive as we council and talk about the things the Lord would want us to do. 

The other exchange went great with the assistants. I went to the Woodlands 2nd ward and we were able to teach some of there investigators, and we were also able to go knocking some different doors and we were able to find them a new investigator also that  day! It was wonderful.

We had zone conferences on Friday and they were amazing! It was a real eye opener for me! It made me see how fast my mission is coming to a close. We discussed about a lot of things things that will definitely help me when I am home. But at the end of zone conferences they have the departing missionaries give there departing testimonies, and they called me up right at the end. 

Now of course I still have a transfer, but it just made me realize how short this time is that I have to serve the Lord! And it motivates me that much more to work as hard as I can until the end! But the great thing is even once I am done with the mission my spiritual progress does not end. This is one of the big things I focused on  during my testimony. I told everyone how the spiritual growth that takes place on our missions should be a catalyst for our spiritual growth through out the rest of our lives. This life is a life of progression to become like our savior. 

A question I would like you to ponder on is "How am I doing with my spiritual progression." When was the last time I had a spiritual witness that these things were true? I would invite you to evaluate yourself, and set goals and plans of how you can continue to progress in this great gospel. 

I know that as you do so you continue to strengthen your relationship with you Father in Heaven! And you will have a great spirit in your home! I testify of these things! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen. 

( Just before skyping home to talk to the family after tracting out a neighborhood!)

​( zone conferences)

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