Monday, May 18, 2015

The Lord stand at the head of this great work!

Hey everyone! It was another great week to be in the woodlands! We were able to see a lot of really great miracles! 

On Tuesday we were able to meet with a former investigator named Andralia. I was teaching her right before I left college park for the first time. And at one point she had a baptismal date.  The Chappells invited her over to their home to watch meet the Mormons. They wanted to have us over for lunch and for the movie and a discussion with Andralia. And as we watched it there was such a great spirit that came. We talked with her after the movie to ask her what her thoughts were. 

And she just began to start talking about her experience when she first starting meeting with missionaries. She talked about how her relationship with God changed as she was reading and Praying daily. The reason she stopped meeting with missionaries was because her family was not happy with her decision to meet with the missionaries. So we were talking one with another and we invited to start meeting with the missionaries again, and she accepted and said she was so excited. She said she was ready to give it another try. And so we will be meeting with her this upcoming week, but that was a big miracle we saw this week with her. 

On Wednesday we did an exchange with the Woodland 1st Elders. And I stayed here in our area for it. But during the day we had planned for several people that we were suppose to meet with. But it was just one of those days where appointments fall through. So most of the afternoon we were just going from place to place trying to get in with someone. And we were contacting anyone we could find along the way. But we continued to work hard, and that night the miracles came! 

After having a great appointment with some members and committing them to take the next step with their missionary we left with a prayer. The spirit was strong, and we went out to meet with David who I talked about a month ago. We were scheduled to come back and meet with him. But as he came to the door he decided he did not want to meet with us anymore. We tried to help resolve his concern, but he was was interested. 

After this point we had planned to go and drop by a member that the ward has been trying to contact for a while. We went and knocked on this members door, and this guy answered. We asked if this member was there and he said that she no longer lived there. He mentioned that he had also been receiving mail for this member. He said he still had one letter that hadn't been sent back yet. He invited us into his home while he went to get it. Then it was sweet because after he gave us the letter, he asked us who we were. 

And then he proceeded to as us to share our message with him. Now he didn't have a whole lot of time, so we did a brief restoration.  And the things we talked about were very similar with the things that he had been talking about. After teaching about the Book of Mormon he asked us when we can come back and teach him again. And so we set up a time to come back this next Saturday! It was amazing. But the miracles continue. 

We left his home and with in 30 seconds some one coming down the stairs in the same apartment complex said hi to us. His name was Greg,and he said it had been a few months since he talked with us. We introduced ourselves, and he said he talked with some other missionaries about 2 months ago and they gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. He said at first he wasn't sure if he was going to read it, but then he said it is time that he looks more into it. He asked if he could take us out to dinner on Tuesday and then we could teach him more about the Book of Mormon. 

It was just an amazing night. And even though things didn't go exactly as planned earlier, the Lord saw our efforts and he blessed us with teaching opportunities. The Lord is truly at the head of this great work!

Thursday we also got a call from President Chappell. He said the Red Cross had called him and they need some help that next day.We have been having alot of Rain here this last couple weeks in Texas. So we have been having some flooding taking place. He told us that President Mortensen was ok with us helping out with this service project, and asked if we could gather our zone to help out with it. They needed 11 missionaries, and they needed us from 8:00 am till 5:00pm. They wanted to us to help load there vans with supplies to give to those who are being affected by these floods, and we also went out to gather information about the flooding and the damage that took place up in the Montegomery and Magnolia area. 

So we went there the next and helped them for the day. It was a great experience. After loading up the vans we went out on the road with some of there other volunteers, and we went to different areas that were reported to have flooding. The first area we needed to go to we couldn't make it into because one of the road was flooded over, so they have to wait for the water to go down just a bit so they can get some clean up crews back into this neighborhood. But luckily the other neighborhoods we were assigned to check didn't have any damage to them. 

So the rest of the time we were helping we were looking at maps of where the creek was and checking neighborhoods around it to make sure no one was affected by it. It was a great opportunity to help out where we could. The Red Cross was grateful, and said they really liked being able to work with our missionaries and members because of their happy attitudes and they way they interact with others. It just goes to show that our example as we serve can make a difference in the way people view us and the Church. 

​( This was a field that was flooded by a creek near by up in the country of Montegomery parts of this were about 3-4 feet deep)

And to finish off the week we had another great temple tours. This time around I did not give any of the tours, but we went in hopes that our investigator Brandon would show up. And we also took another companionship down form our zone that was had there investigators there. Now sadly Brandon did not end up coming, but while we were there we saw the different tours go through. 

These temple ground tours have been so great to be able to have! And at the end of one of them there was some one who was talking to our mission president. And they had a few questions, so President was teaching them. But another set of sisters in my old zone brought one of there investigators they have been teaching. She is a baptist minister. And she had some questions that she was confused about. The sisters signaled for me to come over and start talking to her. They wanted to me to try and help address some of the concerns of this investigator. 

We had a great discussion. I talked with her for about 40 min last night while President was talking with some of the  other people. "This lady is open to learning more, and she really is searching for truth. She is reading from the Book of Mormon everyday, and she is also praying to know. And the concerns that she had all came back to knowing if the Book of Mormon is true. If the book of Mormon is true then we know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, and that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet and that the authority of God is on the Earth today! 

We know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Gods kingdom here upon the earth.   And so I just testified to continue to read everyday, pray, and don't stop meeting with the sister missionaries. I promised her as she did so that she would receive and answer. I talked to sisters just briefly after with some ideas they can use to help her find her answer.

 The Church is so true! I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve the Lord! He really is at the head of this work, and I know as we all continue to strive to serve him and pray for missionary opportunities and pray for the those who are being prepared for the gospel to be found, they will. I testify of these things! 

So the time as also come where the ipads are here in the mission. We will be receiving training next week of how to use them and after the training we will be using ipads here in the mission!   We are so lucky to be living in a day when the gospel is on the earth so we can be led by living prophets and apostles. It is inspiring that the Lord is enlightening minds to develop technology that enables the message of salvation to reach all of His children.  The Lord is blessing this work, and it will continue to go forth.  Miracles will also coming with this blessing of technology. 

Well I hope yall have a great week! 
Elder Joshua V. Christensen

(Tracting after a storm, and this is Elder Graves in this picture.)

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