Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Disciples in a Digital Age!

This last week has gone by so fast, and has just in such an inspiring week! Sadly I don't have as much time to explain everything that happened. But we were able to get in with a handful of our investigators this week. 

We met with Brandon, and he told us that now he realizes the full commitment that baptism is. He knows he wants to be baptized, he just doesn't think right now is quite the best time. But he said he wants to continue to meet with us, and then when he goes off to School next month he wants to get in contact with the missionaries there, and start working towards baptism once some of those things start settling down. But it has just been incredible to see the change that has taken place in him in the last 7 weeks. The Gospel truly can changes peoples live!

With Sundae we met with twice and we taught her the rest of the commandments. She mentioned that she wasn't feeling quite ready for baptism. She knew this would be the right path she just didn't feel that she had received and answer to the Book of Mormon yet. So going into Sunday we prepared her the best of our abilities to receive an answer. We discussed the importance of the sacrament, and invited to to pray specifically about the Book of Mormon during the sacrament. We knew that our mission president would also be speaking in our ward on Sunday so we called him to ask him if he would be willing to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon, and keep Sundae in mind as he was speaking to help address any concerns she had. 

We prayed so hard that during church that she would be able to receive an answer of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Her baptismal date was scheduled for this next Saturday, but her receiving and answer would depend on if she would go through with it. We talked with her after church to see how she felt and to see if she had been received an answer. She mentioned that she still wasn't quite sure. So we told her that was fine and set up a return appointment for tonight. 

And then today after our mission conference about the ipads we got a message from her asking if it was to late for her to still be baptized for this coming week!!! So we are going to meet with her tonight to discuss the details of what needs to happen for her to be ready. But it just goes to show that the Lord will answer our prayers! Just as Sundae was sincere in her prayer, and as she came prepared to receive and then she pondered upon it she was able to receive and answer. So we are excited. We will try to still get everything to work out so it can be this week! 

Last night we were also blessed to have the opportunity to go over to the Mortensen's home for a family home evening with an investigator family that we are working with! And it was so great! The spirit was so strong, and you could tell the family that came loved it. After we were able to talk to them for a little bit about when we can meet again. They are taking the steps to find out if the Book of Mormon is true. And as they continue to do that they will be able to receive and answer. We stayed there a little bit longer after the family left because we had a pretty big storm hit yesterday. And so when the time came it was like 10 and we just decided to drive home in it because we need to go. We got home safe, but over this past few days we have had some good storms coming through. But it was such a great night! 

Well I know I kinda mentioned this, but today we had a mission conference. We received training on the ipads that are here. We will get the ipads in the next week and a half. But we talked about truly how the Lord is hastening his work with this wonderful technology we have! Christ called his disciples and asked them to drop everything they had to follow him.  We know  also at the end of his ministry the commandment the Lord gave was to take the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. And how that commandment is still in full force today. We see in today's world everyone has access to a phone, and to the internet. This is common in almost every part of the world. This technology that the Lord has blessed is a wonderful tool to help us fulfill that commandment that he has given unto us. 

With these wonderful tools we will be able to reach out to reach so many more of the Lords children! And it will be such a great way to also help our investigators progress as we will be able to keep in better contact with them, as well as we will be able to use different Skype and face time feature to teach more people. Now that part of it won't come for a few weeks, but that is eventually where this mission will be.  We had Elder Nielsen of the first quorum of the seventy come and instruct us today. It was so inspiring! I know this email does not do it justice, but I just have such a strong testimony that this is the Lords work! I know that he is hastening his work! We are so blessed to be apart of it! 

I would just invite each of you to think of ways you and your families can use this Technology to spread the gospel, and use it to help lift and strengthen your families.  Talk about it over dinner or even during family home evening. I promise you as you prayerfully consider this that the Lord will help you know what you can do to accomplish this. And that you will have a great joy as you become a disciple of Christ in this digital age! 

I hope y'all have a great week! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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