Friday, July 19, 2013

Elder Christensen is in Texas!

Josh left the MTC at 2:30 am Wednesday morning and flew to Dallas, then onto Houston.  His trainer is Elder Brown and I talked to Sister Pingree, the mission president's wife, this morning and she said he was doing well, enthusiastic and in good spirits.  He will also need to purchase a bike which is something his mission didn't require before.  Most missionaries had cars, but as the missionaries are increasing in his mission and they are getting a lot of sisters, the sisters get the cars and the elders are on bikes.  Josh will be happy, he wanted to ride a bike to stay in shape.  Why anyone would want to ride a bike in sweltering heat and humidity in July is beyond me, but there you go.
  Josh before he left the MTC with his two good friends from our ward.  The three amigos.  

Josh with his mission president, President Pingree

Josh and his trainer

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  1. He looks so good!! Always good to get an update. Sorry, you have the added bike expense. That isn't a cheap change for those missionaries.