Monday, July 8, 2013

First Letters!!

Today we finally received our first couple letters from Josh in the MTC.  It looks like he wrote them his first few days there but didn't come in the mail until today due to the holiday. His p-day will be on Tuesday so we will get an email tomorrow!!  After several days of communication drought we were excited to receive these short notes.

Dear family,
I am sorry this will be short, but I just wanted you to know that the spirit here at the MTC is incredible.  I love being here so much.  I still feel really good and I am excited to serve.  Believe it or not, I haven't felt homesick at all.  I feel really good and ready to serve.  I just want to let you know that my p-day isn't until Tuesday so I can't email until then.  I am not ignoring you, but I can't write an email until then.  And in that I will give you more info about my companion Elder Anderson. He is from the Gilbert area of Arizona and we already feel connected.  It is so cool.  Also my first night here I was interviewed by the 1st counselor in my branch presidency and I have been called to be the district leader for m;y district.  Kinda scary!! I will just have more opportunities to serve, I am so grateful to be here and I know this is the right thing to be doing.  I know this gospel is true and I am ready to work my best for the Lord.  I love you all and I hope you have a great week.

Elder Christensen

Hello family,
Thank you for the notes and letters that have been sent.  The MTC has been a great learning experience.  I am enjoying it here.  I am trying to learn how to feel the spirit better.  Our first lesson today ended up being more preaching than teaching.  The spirit wasn't quite there.  I am trying my best to work hard and I want to be able to feel the spirit.  Me and my companion have tried to figure what the investigator needs and we weren't on the same page. We are preparing to do more tomorrow.  Sorry time has been limited but know I will write more on my email on Tuesday.  I have a long weekend ahead with meetings and with learning.  Time goes slower but its good and the spirit is strong here.  I hope everything is good at home, I love you all.

Elder Joshua Christensen

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