Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 4....Miracles

Well we still don't have any investigators, but that is ok. I have been so blessed this week to be out here. I have been lucky to still be alive with the heat. So many members are telling me how hot it is, and I find out that most of the days this week here were 90's to high 90's but it has felt like 80's back in Utah. The Lord is really helping me to adapt to the heat. This week we have been able to meet with alot of the members again, and we are working hard to build up those relationships of trust. We have seen lots of little Miracles take place. We talked with the 2nd counselor in the bishopric and he told us of one of the people he home teaches is named Brother G. He has been assigned to home teach brother G for six years, and he has only seen him like 4-5 times in the last six years. He asked us to go meet with him. So when we went, we knocked on his door, and he answered!! ;) He said he wasn't even suppose to be home that day, but he had a doctors appointment and ended up going home. He works alot at night so he is never home, but he agreed to let us practice teach him.

 Also one day we went to go to a members house we stopped to take a picture of a sign. This sign said Dude Rd. We thought it was pretty cool, but at that moment a lady came biking around the corner and was talking with us. She said we could go and get a glass of water, but we couldn't talk about the gospel. So we went and we just talked to her and about her religion. Her Name is Eileen, and she is the nicest lady ever. Right now we are just trying to get to know her, but she invited us to go with her family every Monday to St Max catholic church to do Yoga with her. So that will probably be a funny sight to see, we won't go tonight cause of an appointment, but next week we will being doing some Yoga!

Last night we called to check on a dinner appointment, and it was a family we met with just briefly and shared a spiritual thought, and they told us that the thought was inspired. It really was helping them. So that is just another example of how the Lord works through others to answer prayers. And one of the other ones happened Friday. We were biking towards a members house and we passed a road and a thought popped into my mind that said some one was prepared to hear the gospel on that road. So after meeting with the member we went back to that road and went tracking. One home said we could come back tonight, but I am not sure if they were being nice, or if they will actually let us in. I am praying that we will be able to go in and share our unique message that will bless there lives.
 But over all things are going well here. I am enjoying being in Texas, and it is so weird to think that I have been here for a couple weeks already. If my whole mission goes as fast as the last two weeks, then I am in trouble. :) But the lord is preparing people  here, and there are many prepared. When I first got here to Texas, my Mission President said that he received revelation saying that there are Tens of Thousands of people who are ready to hear the gospel. This  is so cool. We just need to go out and to find them. 

One thing that me and my companion are going to try to do here is start implementing more Family History. Last week I mentioned that alot of people here are against the church and want  nothing to do with us, but we both felt strongly that family history will help. We hope and pray that as we do this that people will interested and the spirit of Elijah will soften there hearts and will open doors for the gospel. 

And just to end I want to leave my testimony. I know that we have a Heavenly Father who loves and cares for us. I know that he sent his son Jesus Christ to atone for our sins so that we could live with him again. And I know that through Joseph Smith that the fullness of the Gospel has been restored to the earth again!! It is such a blessing to know that, and to know that we have a living prophet to loves and cares for us and can receive revelation for us. Well I am out of time, but I know that that this gospel is true and that the work is moving forward.
I hope Y'all have a great week, 

Elder Joshua Christensen

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