Friday, July 5, 2013

Saying Goodbye

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This week has been a challenging but spiritual one.  Trying to come to terms with letting a child leave home knowing you won't see them for two years is a daunting task.  But this week also had some great high notes.
On Tuesday night, Josh was set apart by our Stake President as a full time missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The blessing which accompanied it was beautiful and left all in the room with a feeling of peace and the assurance that this was absolutely the right thing for Josh to be doing at this time in his life.  I know that what he will be sharing with people over the next 24 months is essential and absolutely true otherwise we couldn't let him go.  But the joy we have as a family with our understanding that we can be together forever is so precious that we want others to know of the same peace and happiness we feel so being a small part of Josh sharing this with others is a sacrifice we willing make.

These are pictures taken from Tuesday night.  Elder Christensen is officially a missionary!!

Wednesday morning we loaded up the car and drove to the temple minutes from our home.  Even though the temperatures were already high, we enjoyed taking a few minutes walking the grounds and snapping a few pictures.

We went out to a late breakfast together as a family and drove to the MTC.  As we drove in we saw an army of missionaries standing shoulder to shoulder welcoming the new arrivals and it was an awesome sight!  We got out of the car briefly, gave soggy hugs and final goodbye's and drove away.  Our newest missionary walked away with a smile.

Our family hasn't helped the Utah drought with water conservation these past few days and Josh's absence is readily felt every time we turn around so I am sure the tears will continue for a bit, but we are so grateful for the opportunity he has to learn, grow and share in these coming years.

Even as I am typing this, although I am a bit teary, I have a great feeling of peace in my heart and I am so appreciative of my Heavenly Father sending blessings already my way.

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Thank you for all of your prayers and support for our family and for all of the 70,000 plus missionaries serving around the world.

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