Monday, December 15, 2014

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hey everyone! 

Again I can not believe another week has gone by so fast! December is just flying by! Well 
things have been going really well this week! We are continuing to work with our two progressing investigators. Right now they both have baptismal dates for December 27th. There names are Christian and Alicia! 

We have been meeting with Alicia since late September, and then we started meeting with Christian a couple weeks ago. We were able to meet with them a couple times this week and things have been going so well! I went on a mini exchange on Thursday so we could have one of our zone leaders meet Alicia. 

So during that time I was back in college park. It was fun to be able to meet with some of the members up there again, and we were able to talk to them about He is the Gift video. But with our investigators they are doing very well!  As they continue to read from the Book of Mormon they are gaining their own spiritual conversion. 

They were both at church yesterday and it was such an amazing Sunday. Our Ward decided to do a Christmas program this last week. So if was a very powerful experience. It was perfect for the investigators we had there! 

Other than that we spent the week checking on referrals. We have been getting more and more lately! It has been such a blessing and our teaching pool is now increasing! The Lord is blessing us so abundantly! Also we were visiting one of our missionaries in the hospital this week who got and infection in his hand after wrecking on his bike. But he is doing great now !

I just want to share one miracle real quick that we saw this week! So on Saturday night. So we got home around 8:45. And we were walking around the complex to see if anyone would be out walking. And so then went through different buildings and we found this guy who was just sitting one of the flights of stairs. And we invited him to watch the He is the gift video. 

And after watching it he began to ask us more about what we do as missionaries. And we were able to answer him and talk to him more about the church and the teachings of Jesus Christ. He mentioned how he had some friends who had passed away a couple weeks a go in a car crash. He said he had been thinking more and more about what our purpose is here on the earth. And we were able to talk to him briefly about the plan of Salvation. And he accepted a return appointment. 

So just because of the video it opened up missionary opportunities, and as well as that it caused him to think more in depth about what role Christ has played in his life! I know that as we continue to share that video with others that it will bring many unto Christ. And millions of Gods Children can experience the true spirit of Christ this Christmas season!! I know that to be true! 

​( Very top part of our Christmas Tree) 

Well I hope y'all have a great week! 
Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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