Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The work of the Lord continues!

Hey everyone,

This was another great week! Sundae Lewis got baptized one Saturday! And the spirit was so strong! We met with her on Tuesday night to finish teaching her, and to go over the details of her being baptized. She said that after she had pondered on her experience at church on Sunday and the way she felt when she read the book of Mormon she had received an answer. And so at that point she knew it was right and wanted to be baptized. 

It was so exciting! So that night we went over the baptismal interview questions with her, and she was so prepared. Just as she answered the interview quotients you could tell that she had received a personal testimony of the things in which we were able to teach her. And so a lot of this last week was getting the logistics of the baptism figured out, and preparing the program to be a spiritual experience her Sundae. 

These details would include getting the baptismal clothing, getting the building reserved and then also getting the interview set up. So there was a lot of planning that had to go into making it a good baptism. We also wanted to make sure that the building was clean for when the baptism happened. So we went Friday night to the building and cleaned it for two hours! 

Last week when a baptism took place they had some problems with Ants getting in the font. We did not want that to happen again. So we went to clean it all out. So that way the next day we could just go by and fill the font. Well we showed up the next morning ready to fill the font, and we looked into the font and found more ants everywhere! We were in a mad dash to clean the font again to make sure it would be ready. We went and got a vacuum and cleaned  them all out of the font so we could begin to fill it. 

Luckily everything still turned out well, and we were able to get the font filled and we took care of the problems with the ants so we wouldn't have anymore problems. But the adversary defiantly was trying many different things to have this baptism not work out very well. We had a hard time with a bunch of outlets in the building working, so we couldn't get the t.v to work so we could play Mormon messages in between the time of the baptism, and the rest of the talks. But like I said when the baptism was all said it done, it was wonderful! 

You could tell that Sundae have felt clean after coming up out of the water. She was smiling so big, and was happier than ever. And then Sunday when she received the holy ghost she was even happier. Everyone could notice and feel the great spirit she had with her. The Lord truly has been preparing Sundae for the gospel. And I am again so grateful for this wonderful gospel! 

I love seeing others show their faith, and follow the footsteps of the savior. And as they do so they begin to have there heart changed and softened by the spirit, and they repent and make those changes in there life that bring them closer to our savior, and help them to feel joy. And then as they take those steps to be baptized and receive a full remission of sins and receive the gift of the holy ghost, they experience true joy. 

I am so grateful for our Savior and I know and testify that because of his atonement we can all experience the joy that our Father in Heaven wants us to feel! And we can have true peace of mind in knowing His plan. What a great gift. 

This week we also stayed very busy with many teaching appointments! We are finding more people to teach in the singles ward, and are having more opportunities arise in the family ward. The work is just exploding here! There truly just isn't enough time in a day! 

Another great thing that happened this week happened yesterday. We had an appointment with a part member family that we have been getting to know better. The husband isn't a member, but he is like one of the coolest guys! We met with them last night and he began to ask us some questions about the plan of salvation and baptism. And so we were able to begin to answer them for him, and we had a great gospel discussion for about 1 hour. 

And it was able to help answer some of his questions. But soon after we had left we got a message from his wife, and she had talked with him after we left. He said he wanted to take the discussion from the missionaries! My companion and I both literally jumped out of our seats. We were so excited. So in the coming weeks we will be meeting more with them, and I think they will continue to progress very quickly. They are such a great family! Well that is about all I have to report on from this last week. 

I would again just ask you to please be pray for missionary opportunities, and be specific. Think of way you could reach out to people and pray to the Lord and present your plan to him. I testify as you do so you will be ready to help those whom are being prepared to receive the gospel. 

I hope y'all have a great week!

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