Monday, June 22, 2015

Faith & Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessing of Heaven

  Another great week has flown by yet again. And week after week the Lord is continuing to bless us. This last week has been amazing! We had the opportunity to be able to go to the temple this last week as a district. And it was much needed.  Our mission president has talked about how he wants to continue to build our faith in Jesus Christ. 

He explained how he was pondering on how to do this, and his thoughts came to the old testament. He remembered the experience of Moses shortly after he was called to be the prophet and to go talk with the people. He prepared by to going  up to the mountain of the Lord. Now anytime the scriptures talk about the Mountain of the Lord we know the Lord is referencing the temples. And so by Moses going to the mountain of the Lord he received strength. And so after thinking about that President asked for each district to attend the temple and ponder on these questions. 

What are the blessings of faith? 
How do we increase our faith? 

And as we were able to ponder on these questions so many answers and impressions came to me for the people that we are teaching now, and as well as thoughts about my own faith. And just being able to ponder on those things brought me so much closer to the Lord. And coming out of that temple session I just felt so amazing! It helped strengthen my testimony for the need of going to the temples and the happiness that is found with in.

 Going to the temple is one of the biggest blessing we can experience on this earth. It is the place in which we can feel closest to God. And as faithful members of the church we are able to enter the temples and experience the greater sense of peace and clarity that comes in to our lives as we focus on the things our Father in Heaven wants for us. I would invite each of you to evaluate your efforts in making it to the temple. 

Many times in our lives we think that we don't have time to be able to make it to the temple. And truthfully by not going to the temple you are denying yourselves the blessings that our Father in Heaven wants to give you. Life does get busy, but I promise each of you that as you show your faith by setting aside the time to go to the temple the Lord will bless you with the time to accomplish the other things you need to get done. 

Just as we learn in the Ether 12:6, we can only receive a witness after the trial of our faith. I also promise you do this you will have a great sense of purpose and peace in your lives. And the blessings you receive will go far beyond what we can see now. 

In addition to this week we were able to set another baptismal date with someone in the YSA ward that we have been working with. His name is Michael, and he has been progressing well. He mentioned to us that his reading in the Book of Mormon has helped him to feel so good! And we were able to teach him how those feelings come from the Holy Ghost and it was testifying to him that the things he was doing was right! And then we were able to teach the plan of salvation and then set a baptismal date for July 18th. The Lord continuing to place people in our path that are being prepared! 

And then last night was probably the best way to end our week. We were able to teach Brother Hoyer last night. And just seeing him each week there has been a change in his countenance you can tell that he is feeling the spirit that comes from reading the Book of Mormon.  

And we were following up on his experience in reading the Book of Mormon while he was gone. He read from the end of 2nd Nephi up until Mosiah 20 in less than a week. And he just said he feels really good about it. And then we followed up by asking him the big question. We asked how he was feeling about this baptism. 

He paused and then went on to continue by saying he was excited as he could be! He said he felt he had received his full answer this last week and is ready to go forward with being baptized. Now before hand we had set a date with him to be baptized July 4th 2015. But after talking yesterday he asked if we could move it to this weekend. He said he would do anything to be ready by then. We only had two more lessons to teach him before he would be fully ready, and he assured him that he would be able to do ready by Friday. And he then said Friday is the day he wants to enter into the waters of baptism. 

The Lord answered our prayers. Since we have been back in College park we have prayed for him continually, and then we were able to start teaching him. And then we continued in fasting and prayer that we could be ready and receive his answer. And as always when we sacrifice for the Lord he will answer when we call. And he did that by helping giving Brother Hoyer the answer to his prayer.

And in addition to that he has asked that this upcoming Friday that I go forward with baptizing him. I promise Brothers and Sisters that the Lord does hear and answer our prayers! If you feel you haven't been receiving the answers to prayers, continue to hang on and know that he will answer. And have the faith that the answer that comes is what will be best for us.  The Lord is mindful of each of his children. And Many times our faith and our answers to prayers depends on us going to the Lord and asking for his help. And when we depend on the Lord he will be there to lift us up and help us with what ever we need if it be his will. 

So last night we were able to finish the commandments lessons, and then we will be going back tonight to finish teaching him. And he will be interviewed and ready to go by tomorrow! Things truly are going so so well! I am grateful for the chance I have to be a missionary. I now this is the Lords work, and testify and we unite with his will and do our part in helping with his work, great shall be our joy! 

Well I hope all y'all have a great week! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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