Monday, June 29, 2015

Final Email!

Well the time has come for my final email before I return home. I can not even believe that the time has come for me to leave. I am just so grateful for the opportunity I have had to served here in Houston. I have been taught so much, and I know this is where the Lord would have me be. I am grateful for all I have learned and for the way in which the Lord has built me up and strengthened me! I am so grateful for the age change that took place and for the time where the spirit witnessed to me that it was the time for me to go! I know that this is the Lord's work, and it will continue to hasten and expand more fully to every nation kindred tongue and people. So great things continue to happen! 

This week was amazing! We hit it so hard this week, and were just able to see some amazing miracles! We were able to meet with more less active members that have shown interest in beginning to come back to church. And some of them we have been meeting with for a while now and they are now been coming back to church consistently. And they are wanting to get a temple recommends. 

 One of which we had a incredible baptism with Brother Hoyer! It was such a blessing! I had the opportunity to be able to baptize him. After he was baptized we went and changed. And before we went back in we were able to talk with one another. And he thanked us for helping him get to the point he was at. And he talked about how amazing the journey was. And I was able to look at him and just tell him how this is going to be a wonderful Journey for him. And luckily it doesn't end but it has just began. And told him fight and do everything you can do to be in the temple in 1 years time. And I was able to testify to him of his decision and how the temple will bless his life forever. They are such an amazing family! 

Brother Hoyer was able to be confirmed in church on Sunday. After he was called up and sustained by the ward as the newest member he was just beaming with light! That has always been one of the things I have loved seeing on my mission! And you really can just see such a difference in Brother Hoyers Countenance. 

Well we had a great sacrament meeting, and then right after the high councilor  spoke the bishop got up and asked me to come up and share my testimony with the ward. He told the ward he wanted to do this because of how long I have served in the ward and they great things they have seen happen with the ward over the last few years. I was so grateful for the chance I had to bear my testimony to the ward. And the spirit was so strong. And I wish to also share my testimony now. And I hope and pray that the holy ghost can testify to each of you of the truthfulness of the message. 

Over these last two years like I said I have learned so much! But most of all I have come to an even great knowledge of our savior Jesus Christ! I know that he lives! I testify that he is the Christ. I love how often in the scriptures the Lord personally invites each of us to come unto him. And this is an invitation that is always there for us. There is never a point in which he is not standing at the door ready to answer. I know that he preformed the atonement, and by so doing overcame the effects of the fall. I know as we turn to him. That is when we can find true strength. 

Brothers and Sisters I testify that Christ has felt our sorrow. He has born our grief. He has felt every pain that we have felt. And he did it all for the reason that he could help us. So that is why when we humble ourselves even in the hardest of times and turn to him, we can find relief. I know and testify that Christ came here to the earth and established his church. And that he served and ministered and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. He taught us the things that we must do that have peace in this live and and peace and salvation in the life to come. He also came and he gave the priesthood authority to his apostles. 

I know and testify that after the time that the apostles were killed and the authority was taken from the earth. That after many years the Lord reached out in love again to his children. And called Joseph Smith to be a prophet here in the last days. I testify with my whole soul that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet and that he saw and spoke with God the Father and Jesus Christ. And that through the prophet Joseph Smith that the same church which Christ had established was brought back to its earth in its fullness. And by so doing as we listen and head the the council that has been given to us by living prophets that we will be guided safely home. 

The gospel dispels all darkness from our lives. And it enriches and teaches us. I know and testify that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. And does contain the fullness of the everlasting gospel. Those of you who have not fully come to the knowledge that this is true I exhort you to reach The book of Mormon and ponder it in your hearts. And then ask God in the name of Christ if it is true. And I testify to you that as you do so that the Lord will reveal to you the truthfulness of the the Book of Mormon as you go to him with a sincere heart and ready and willing to act upon the answer you receive. 

I also testify that the commission that the Lord sets forth in the Book of Mathew is in full force today. And that the gospel of Jesus Christ is to be taken to every nation kindred tongue and people. And with the blessing of technology and with our faith. Each of us can help fulfill that divine commission. I know that this is the Lords work. I testify that he stands at the head and does lead and guide it through his authorized representatives! 

And I know that Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet! And he speaks the word and will of the Lord. Hearken unto it with all of your might and see the change that takes place in your life. I testify you and your family will be blessed for time and all eternity by doing so.

I also testify also with the restoration that with the restored gospel and authority on the earth that families can be together forever. This is the will of the Lord. And the way in which is is made possible is through our savior Jesus Christ. Brothers and Sisters there is safety found within making and keeping covenants. I again testify as we do so we will be protected and we will have no need to fear for the Lord will guide us through the storms we face in each of our lives. And I know that these things are true. For the spirit has manifested itself to me that they are. And as a called representative I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I hope each of you have a great week and I will see you soon. 
Elder Joshua V. Christensen

Last Pictures with the members of the great 
College Park Ward! 

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