Monday, June 22, 2015

Put your trust in the Lord!

Letter from 6/15:

Hey everyone! 
This has been an incredible week! 

We were able to have some great meetings and lessons with some of the Less active members in our ward. There has been some families we have been working with. And both families are taking steps to coming back to full activity. We are getting there focus changed to the temple, and as we have done so and reminded them of the blessings that the Lord wants for them it has helped to increase and strengthen their faith. It has caused them to pray for the desire to act and by so doing it has brought much more happiness and peace to there lives! It has been such a great blessing to be able to see that. 

This past week we were able to meet with Brother Hoyer twice. We taught him the plan of salvation the first time we went over this week! And it was a powerful discussion. And by the time we had finished the lesson we were getting ready to invite him to be baptized. And as we talked with him, he discussed how he really wanted to be in the Celestial kingdom. And we asked him why he wanted that. He explained he wanted to be with his family and with God and Christ. And so we told him that he was exactly right, and that is what Heavenly Father wanted for him. 

And then we asked what were some of the first steps he would need to take in order for that to happen. He said he wasn't sure. So we turned open to John 3:5 and asked him the question, " What do we need to do in order to be able to inherit the kingdom of God. And answered by saying baptism. As soon as he said that the spirit entered the room with even more power. We asked him, "Brother Hoyer, do you now see why it was we invited you to be baptized last time? After thinking for a few seconds he said he understood, and again the spirit was just so strong! It was such a blessing. 

So after we invited him to follow the example of Jesus Christ by preparing him self to be baptized on July 4th! He accepted the date and said he would pray and prepare himself for that time. We were able to meet with him the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we had a great lesson with him! He is just progressing so well! 
We also did a  finding exchange with the  Woodlands 1st area. I was able to go out with the district leader in that area and we saw some great things happen.. Going into it I was determined to not leave until we found a new investigator. So we started with a prayer and started knocking at around 610 after dropping off the other companionship.  And we knocked for almost two solid hours. 

The first door we knocked a lady answered and said now wasn't a good time but she asked if we could come back by in the next few days. It was awesome to see that to start off our night. And we had a handful of others that said we could come back at another time. But there were many houses that we knocked where no one had answered. And we literally knocked an entire neighborhood. But like I said I wasn't going to leave until we found someone. And so at around 750, I looked over and told The elder I was with that  we had ten minutes to find someone and that we should stop and pray for the Lord to bless us with a miracle. 

So we did so and we prayed, and after knocking for about 15 more minutes, and the last house in the entire neighborhood across the street from when we parked our car: a 17 year old guy answered and started talking to us. We talked about the activities of the church and he seemed interested in going to them. And then Elder Pace asked if we could come back by another time. He said he was busy, and so I asked him if we could teach him right then and he said we could . So we taught a 15 minute restoration lesson with him, and set a return appointment for tomorrow. And turns out this guy is dating a member from one of the wards in spring. 

So we prayed with him and then left after.. We prayed after to thank the Lord for letting us teach, and then I testified to this Elder that is is because of their faith that it happened. And it was just a great teaching opportunity to teach him that as we put our full trust in the Lord and are determined to find those prepared that he will bless us with the opportunity. Truly we receive a witness after the trial of our faith. The Lord is aware and he answers our prayers! 

The Lords truly is at the head of his work, and I know and testify that as we put our trust in the Lord that we will see miracles. I would like to invite each of you to continue putting your trust in the Lord and look for opportunities to bring others closer to Christ. I know he will bless you with the opportunity. We just need to be willing to truly act, and then the promptings will come. 

Well I hope y'all have a great day! 

Elder Joshua V. Christensen

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